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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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23 Murder

Casimir was trapped.

In front of him was a wall that was five meters high while, behind him, three men were blocking the exit.

"Hey there, lil missy! I hope you don't mind us taking you here. We just need to talk with you for a moment, see? And the crowd back there isn't exactly... Convenient." One of the men said with an obvious drunken slurr.

Lil missy? Casimir turned to look at the guy who spoke with an eyebrow raised. Bro, are you blind?

Well, he couldn't exactly blame the guy for getting his gender wrong since he had very long hair and the guy was dead ass drunk.

Though, he really couldn't help but feel a tad complicated. Should he feel happy that someone had finally acknowledged his previous gender as a female, or should he feel offended that someone had mistaken his current gender as a male? He really didn't know. Maybe he was bisexual..?

Clearing those thoughts from his head, he decided to take care of these matters first, then, think about it later.

"Is anything the matter, monsieurs?" Casimir asked politely with a fake smile.

"You see, lil missy, we're sort of short on cash right now and we need your help. It should be nothing much for you but, it'll mean a lot to us." Another man said with a sickly smile.

Although he spoke somewhat politely, the way they were blocking the exit, possibly armed with knives or some other sort of weapon, it was clear that they weren't actually giving Casimir a choice.

Ah... So this is robbery.

"I don't have money with me. It's with my companion." Casimir told them honestly, hoping that they would just let him go and not make things more complicated than it should be.

"Your companion? Ah! You mean that big man who keeps on following you around? Well, what a pity." The man sneered at him. "He won't be able to find you here."

"Gus, stop wasting time talking with the kid. Just take 'er and go." The man who had previously been watching quietly from the back said. "We'll just take her hostage and ask for ransom from 'er parents."

"But, what if that doesn't work?" The man who was identified as Gus asked.

"Then, we'll just do the same as we did with the last one." The other man replied coldly. "We'll sell her."

Child trafficking..?!

It seemed that the man's answer delighted Gus as he began grinning widely. "You heard that, lil missy? We'll sell you! So, you better hope your parents give us the money, alright?" He cackled, walking closer to Casimir and pinched his chin. "With such tender and young flesh, you're bound to sell for quite a lot..."

Casimir nearly reeled in disgust as he smelled the toxic smell of mold and alcohol from the man's breath.

"You know..." Casimir's eyes began to turn cold, and so did his entire presence. "Your type of trash..."

"Is the type I hate the most."


"Hey! Get back here, you little runt!" A teenage who had features that were akin to a rat's yelled as he chased after a small child.

Louis was a ten-year old child, born and raised in Orleans, France. He came from a family of five, consisting of a construction worker father, a restaurant singer mother, and two older sisters who were currently studying in high school. He was the youngest child in the family. Also the weirdest one.

He was born with black hair and blue eyes which, in their family, was an oddity. His father had brown hair and brown eyes and, his mother had blond hair and green eyes. Due to that, he had always felt different from them since he was a child. As it turned out, he had actually inherited his great grandfather's features.

According to the doctors, it was actually an occurrence that happens when a certain gene skips a generation or two then, appears on their grandchildren and great grandchildren. Still, that didn't help with his situation in school as he was still being bullied here and there.

Right now, Louis was busy trying to run away from Aaron, a local bully in this part of the city. How did this happen, you ask?

Well, it all started this morning, when Louis was reading a book that he had borrowed from the library, minding his own business. Suddenly, Aaron came along and grabbed the book, then, proceeded to rip the pages apart in front of him, calling him an illegitimate peasant child and saying that his mother was a whore.

In his rage, he punched Aaron right in the face. When he realized what he had done, he immediately ran away towards the market in hopes that he would lose Aaron there.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to be working as Aaron used his much longer legs to catch up to him quickly.

He's catching up! I need to find a place to hide! Somewhere he can't reach! Think, Louis! Think!

Suddenly, as he was starting to panic, he found himself growing lighter and, the next thing he knew, he was in a completely different place from before. It was a narrow allyway, completely blocked from the sunlight.

Drip... Drip... Puchi!

"Mmf!!!..." From somewhere to his right, he heard a voice scream in pain but, the sound seemed to have been muffled by something, causing him to not hear it clearly.

Curiously, he turned to look at where the sound came from and immediately regretted.

His face turned ghastly pale, as if all of his blood had been drained.

M-murder! There's a murderer here!

In the alleyway further in, three men were laying face down on the ground, their bodies covered in wounds and their own blood.

He hurriedly crouched down and hid behind the shadows of the garbage dump beside him, thankful that it existed.

Suddenly, he heard a voice that would haunt him for many years speak.

"Hey, monsieur..." The voice said with a drawl, as if a predator teasing its prey. "Your friends seemed to have gone off without you... Well, what a pity."

The voice is too clear to be an adult's. Don't tell me it's actually a child?!

(Alphonse: OAO The monster has revealed itself!)


At this moment, Casimir was staring coldly at the bloody body sprawled on the ground in front of him as he playfully spun the broken metal pipe which he had used for a weapon around.

"Hey, monsieur! You were being extremely talkative just a while ago! Why are you being so quiet now huh?!" Casimir growled, his teeth bared like a wild animal.

"... Have you ever thought... For one single moment... The fate of the children that you sold..?" Casimir mumbled in a seemingly deranged way. "Have you?!"

"You haven't right?... All your kind think about is money... Trash!!!" In rage, Casimir used the sharp point of the pipe and stabbed and stabbed and stabbed.

Child trafficking was a very sensitive topic for Casimir as he had been chased by traffickers on more than one occasion in his past life, nearly causing him to die in some of those cases. He had friends who fell to child traffickers, never to be seen again. He knew the consequences of being caught; slavery. That was why he abhorred anything that had to do with it.

Fourty six stab wounds on the body. The man had no chance for survival.

Casimir took deep breaths to calm himself then, flipped the dead body over to take out the dirty cloth in its mouth to wipe the blood that was splattered on his impromptu weapon.

Fortunately, the laws stated that wizards were not allowed to kill muggles with magic. But what if he didn't use magic to kill them? And right now, he still wasn't formally part of the wizard world.

Would they investigate this incident, or would they just leave it as a normal murder? Casimir decided to experiment using this incident, noting it for future reference, in case he would have to do something like this again.

Slowly, with silent, deliberate steps, Casimir headed towards the old garbage dump near the opening of the alleyway. Then, with the grace and silence of a cat, he leaped on top of the dump's cover, peering over the edge to see the top of a child's head.

"Had fun playing hide and seek, wizard boy?"


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