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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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22 Orleans

"Young master, today, on your trip to Orleans, the capital city of Loire Valley, mister Edgar would be your guide and companion. I apologize for not being able to accompany you as my presence is required in the manor at all times." Alphonse said as he motioned to Edgar who, for the first time, was wearing neat clothes.

He seems to have trimmed his unruly beard too!

"Remember, Edgar. Keep watch of the young master. Never let him out of your sight or it will spell for disaster. The muggle currency is inside the pouch I gave you this morning so you can buy whatever the young master wishes to outside. Do not let the young master wander around at all costs. Do you hear me?" Alphonse reminded Edgar who just nodded at everything Alohonse said, looking somewhat comical.

...I'm right here, you know? Casimir smiled wryly.

"Alright! Let's set off!" He said, obviously excited.

This time, they weren't traveling by floo powder since it would scare the muggles. They would be traveling by car instead!

He didn't even know they had a car and he'd been living in the manor for more than three years already! Did it just suddenly pop out of nowhere today?!

Hesitantly, Casimir got on the shotgun seat of the car, looking around curiously. Smells like leather and air freshener. Suddenly, the car started up, surprising Casimir when the engine roared to life.

Even more surprising was that, Edgar actually knew how to drive! He even had a driver's license! Casimir had his eyes wide open in shock.

Wait... He was a muggle-born so, maybe it was actually possible.?

Casimir squinted his eyes as he stared at Edgar in suspicion.

Now that he was taking a good look at this cleaned up version of Edgar, he realized... This guy actually doesn't look bad.

Not exactly handsome. He was too rough for that. It was actually more like...wild?

Yes! Wild! That's the word! He was more like those rough and tough mercenaries that Casimir used to see around brothels in his past life. Ah... The good times...

Edgar shivered, feeling unnerved by Casimir's constant staring as he drove out of the Proulx manor's gate and into the main road.

"...Young master, it might take a while before we arrive in Orleans so, I suggest you take a nap to rest first." Edgar hesitantly advised.

"Oh... But I'm too excited to take a nap! What do I do?" Casimir grinned cheerfully.

"Then, how about listening to some music?" Casimir's eyes lit up to Edgar's suggestion.

"Ooh! Okay! I'm curious about the kind of music that muggles like to listen to!" He said excitedly.

So, following his wishes, Edgar turned on the car radio.


"Young master? Young master?" Casimir heard a voice calling him softly, waking him from his nap. "Young master, we have arrived in Orleans."

Hmm..? Eh? Eh?! I actually fell asleep?! Casimir was in disbelief. It was a trap! The radio was a trap! An assassin for more than two decades being tricked like this?! How pathetic, I have become!

So, with a dark expression, Casimir got off the car and followed behind Edgar.

It didn't take long for his expression to ease though as his eyes were filled with such great sights.

It was the most bustling and lively place that he had been to in all of his life in this world. People were walking here and there, hawkers were advertising their wares, children were running around, and from time to time, you would catch a few street performers singing and playing their instruments.

"Young master, this is a market. Please feel free to buy whatever item that you are interested in." Casimir's eyes glistened and he grinned.

"I was just about to do that." He then proceeded to hop from one stall to another, buying whatever he wished, and acting like the willful young master that he really was.

Unfortunately, his high-key actions caught the sight of some individuals with less than proper intentions.

Slowly, they made their way towards him, going unnoticed by the masses but, their suspicious actions didn't escape Casimir's eyes.

Thieves..? Casimir thought to himself as he saw them getting closer to him.

It seems that some things never change. Even in other worlds.

Soon, they were already flanking his sides and blocking his exits. The money's not with me anyways. They'll most likely just leave after they find out that I have nothing on me.

But, just as Casimir thought that, he was suddenly grabbed from behind and pushed into a narrow alley, away from the bustling market.



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