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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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21 Mother“s Side of the Family

After having finished cleaning the snake, Casimir laid on his bed, watching the, now, clean snake which was still wrapped around his hand. Casimir previously tried to get the snake off of his hand but, after succeeding briefly, it would just return to his hand and wrap around it again, refusing to leave.

Helpless, Casimir just gave up and let it stay there.

Now that the snake was much cleaner than it was before, Casimir realized that the snake wasn't actually grey and black. It was actually a light silver with ladder-like black patterns on its back.

"...After your eye heals..." Casimir spoke quietly, catching the attention of the snake. "Do you want to be free again or do you want to continue staying with me?"

'Ssstay...' The snake replied almost instantly, making Casimir's eyes light up.

"Then you would need a name!" Casimir grinned in excitement. "Let's go with Echelle, alright?"

The snake just nodded as it didn't really care much about names.


That night, while he was eating dinner with with his father, Mr. Proulx asked him. "You found a new pet?"

"Not exactly, father." Casimir answered with a laugh. "I suddenly heard him talking in the garden and now, he doesn't seem to want to leave my hand anymore."

All of a sudden, Mr. Proulx's face went pale. "...Spoke to you?"

"Yes, father. I found out that I could speak to snakes today." Casimir explained, then, noticed Mr. Proulx's odd expression. "Is something the matter, father?"

"N-no..." Mr. Proulx smiled stiffly. "It's good that you... inherited your mother's talent... Haha..ha."

"My mother's talent? You mean this wasn't normal for wizards, father?" Casimir asked in surprise. Since Edgar wasn't so surprised when he saw him bring in the snake in the stable this morning, he had assumed that being able to talk with snakes was normal for wizards.

Mother? It's been three years and I haven't even caught a glimpse of her. How come she's mentioned now?

"It's called Parseltongue, son. The language of snakes." Mr. Proulx was talking very quietly, as if he was afraid other people would hear them. "It's an ability of the Gaunts... Your mother's side of the family."

It actually turned out to be a hereditary ability!

"Oh! Cool! Does it mean I can talk to all kinds of snakes?" Casimir asked in excitement.

"Well, yes. I suppose so." Mr. Proulx replied hesitantly.

I'm gonna have so much fun with this!

"Casimir!" Mr. Proulx suddenly called him as he was planning out how he would use his newfound ability, causing him to look at Mr. Proulx curiously. "Yes, father?"

"... You mustn't let anyone know of this ability of yours... Especially the Malfoys." Mr. Proulx said gravely. "Never tell anyone."

Although he did not know why his father was so adamant about it, he still agreed to his decision. "Yes, father. I shall do so."

"Good." Mr. Proulx nodded, the paleness of his face lessening. "This ability must be kept secret."

At the corner of the room, Alphonse just stood still, staring at Casimir in horror.

Alas! The monster has begun to reveal its fangs!


A few months after that, it was already his birthday once again, his tenth birthday! But, this time, they weren't throwing a banquet.

Instead, Mr. Proulx had a small wooden crate delivered from Thailand to their manor, containing this year's gift for Casimir.

When the crate finally arrived, Casimir could barely contain his excitement.

There was a perfectly good reason for his excitement and that was... Mr. Proulx gives great presents.

He really does!

During the first birthday when he had arrived in this world, Mr. Proulx had given him a Violin and a Skaduwee who was now called Noir. During the second birthday, he had given him an Egyptian Sickle-sword that was made purely of gold. On the third birthday, it was a bicycle and a television.

Casimir finally couldn't contain himself anymore and after the lock was removed from the crate, he hurriedly opened it.

This year's present was... A vine?

Wait no! It moved!

Holy Melecrit! It was a snake!

A snake that looked perfectly like a vine unless it moved!


Ah! It was thirsty! Casimir hurriedly found a small container and gave the snake some water, admiring it as it drank slowly.

What a pretty snake...


Echelle suddenly poked his head from inside Casimir's sleeve and looked at the newly arrived friend inside the crate.

When the new snake heard another snake's hissing, it raised its head up to look then, shrunk back when it saw two pairs of eyes looking at it curiously.

'Go... Back.. Back..'

Such a shy child. How adorable.

"Hello! My name is Casimir and this guy is called Echelle. I hope we could be friends!" Casimir said amiably to the snake in Parseltongue.

'..friends...?' The snake seemed confused.

"Yes. Friends. We'll always help each other and never part." Casimir said, offering his hand to the snake. "What do you say? Are you in?"

'...friends... I want...' The snake hissed softly then, climbed onto Casimir's hand, entering his sleeves and wrapping its long, thin body on his arm.

At the corner of the crate, a sticker saying 'Asian Vine Snake' was stuck on, informing him of what type of snake it was.

"From now on, you will be called Fleur!" Casimir said with a grin.

A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.

'..Fleur... Thank...you..'

Today was truly a great day!

Not only did he receive another great present, he would also be able to experience another great thing later on.

Today... He would visit a muggle city for the first time!


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