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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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20 The Talking Snake

It's been three years since then.

Three extremely long years of boring home schooling with his highness, Draco Malfoy the Great!

After having interacted with Draco nearly everyday for three years straight, Casimir began having the thoughts of hanging himself and committing suicide or just murdering Draco.

Unfortunately, he couldn't quite change his naturally arrogant nature as it seems like he was just born with it. It was like, if Draco was a potion, then his arrogance was a freebie that came with it.

Well, if we were to think of a positive outcome of this, then, Casimir's tolerance for bullshit had increased significantly.

Fortunately, today was a Sunday. The only day in the week where he was able to take a break from Draco's stupidity.

Due to him thinking of such things that were related to Draco, the Für Elise piece that he was playing began to sound like an agitated Elise instead.

Noticing this, he sighed to himself and put down the violin. Fortunately, his skill in playing the violin had also improved by quite a bit. If it hadn't, he would have chopped off his hands for being so useless.

Right now, it was currently late into the summer. The same season as when he had first arrived to this world three years ago.

Ah... Time sure does fly fast.

In order to calm down, Casimir decided to take a walk around the gardens to enjoy the scenery. Hopefully, it would help appease his agitated emotions.

Another thing he noticed in these three years were that his emotions were much easier to agitate. From time to time, he would suddenly feel furious for no reason at all. Even his father had the same problem.

Now that he thought about it, most of the people staying for long periods inside the manor actually had the same problem.

Fortunately, Casimir was more mentally fortified than most people so, he managed to suppress those emotions quicker than them.

Casimir was curious about the origin of these raging emotions but, since neither Alphonse nor Mr. Proulx himself were saying anything about it, he decided to leave it to them.

It was almost time for him to go to a formal school anyways. Maybe it'll subside when he goes away.


As he was walking around the garden, just enjoying the warm rays of the sun as it hit his skin and looking at the peaceful scenery around him, he suddenly heard something akin to whispering.


Curious, Casimir followed the sound and saw, underneath some rose bushes nearby, a small ladder snake, a common snake in France, was slithering slowly, seeming to be enjoying the rays of the sun just like him.

'..slither...ow, my eye!..'

The snake seemed to have had its eye poked by a stray branch from a rose bush.

What a stupid snake. Casimir snickered.

Hearing him snickering, the snake was surprised and was about to flee but, "Wait!"

Casimir was surprised. He had just spoken in a language that he had never heard of but, the snake seemed to have understood him and stopped, looking at Casimir curiously.

"... Are you alright? You seemed to have poked your eye on a bush there." Casimir asked tentatively to the snake.

Just then, to Casimir's amazement, the snake shook its head.

'It ssstingss...'

It can understand me! It can really understand me! Holy Melecrit!

Is this a newfound ability or something? Does it only work on this snake or does it work for all snakes? Is this even a normal ability? Can all wizards do it or is it just me?

Dozens of questions flew in his mind but, for now, the priority was to get this snake to come with him.

"Here. Come with me." Casimir offered his hand to the snake. "I'll help you get it checked. It wouldn't be good if it gets infected."


The snake cautiously slithered and wrapped its body on Casimir's hand.

"No problem! You're the first snake I've ever met here." Casimir said with a smile.


"Edgar! Edgar!" Casimir shouted as soon as he entered the stables, making the workers present turn to look towards him then, went back to doing their jobs when they saw that it was only him.


"Has anyone seen Edgar?" He asked around.

"He's at the back, feeding the Occapy, young master." A worker informed him, then, spotted the snake on his hand. "Is that a ladder snake?! Young master, please be careful with that! It might bite you!"

The snake flicked its tongue towards the worker, causing the worker to step back hastily and give the snake a dirty look.

"Relax. This one's gentle." Casimir said with a smile. "Well, thanks for the info!"

He quickly jogged to the back part of the stables, looking for Edgar. When he did find him, he grinned widely and shouted. "Edgar! Edgar! Come quick!"

Edgar, who was peacefully feeding the two Occamy siblings, nearly dropped the bucket containing dead cockroaches in surprise. "Young master?!"

"Edgar! I need your help!" Casimir approached Edgar. "This snake poked its eye on a branch and I need you to help me check if it's injured."

"Snake?" Then, Edgar noticed the thin, grey snake with black stripes, that was wrapped around Casimir's hand.

At first he felt surprised but, when he remembered how Casimir had tamed Noir years ago, he instantly calmed down.

Without asking questions, Edgar reached towards the snake to check it but, the snake hissed at him aggressively, not wanting for him to get any closer.

'Away... You... Away...'

"Calm down. He's just going to check your eye. He won't hurt you, I promise!" Casimir laughed as he tried to calm the snake down. This time, he spoke in French and not in that weird language he used previously.

To Edgar's surprise, the snake actually did calm down and allowed him to check its eye but refused to leave Casimir's hand, causing Casimir to smile wryly.

It seems that the snake had taken a liking to him.

Some moments later, Edgar finally stepped back and looked towards Casimir. "It just had its eye enflamed a bit. Should be fine within a few days. I suggest getting it cleaned though so it won't get irritated."

"Oh, alright! Thanks Edgar!" Casimir then ran back to the manor, leaving Edgar to himself once again.


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