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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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19 The Malfoy Manor

Afterwards, Casimir just closed the diary and threw it somewhere in his closet, quickly getting bored of it and went to sleep.

Some people might question his decision, asking. Why would you just leave a haunted diary inside your room then go to sleep?! Don't you know that this is how a horror film starts?!

Well, we all already know that Casimir isn't exactly what you would call normal at this point, right? Most likely, he would just reply to them with: I thought it would be fun.


Through the course of the next few days, everything went on as normal. If you managed to ignore Mr. Malfoy's owl coming and going from their manor from time to time.

The good news was, Casimir finally figured out how to stop those weird things from happening around him.

All he had to do was stay perfectly calm and nothing would happen.

Most of the time.

Casimir also didn't touch the diary that was inside his closet, as if he had completely forgotten about it.

As of now, it was already well into January of the year 1988, and Casimir was currently packing a few quills and some notebooks into a parcel, ready to go for a trip to the Malfoy manor in the name of joint home schooling.

Basically, the schedule that his father and Draco's father had come up with was: Basic Magic Theory, Magic History, Introduction to Charms, and Transfiguration, would be taught in the Malfoy manor; minimally, of course, since they're still not allowed to have their first wand until they're eleven. While Astronomy, Herbology, Potions, Mathematics, and Introduction to Magical Creatures would be taught in the Proulx Manor.

If you would look closer at the distribution of subjects, you would notice that they were arranged and sorted to which family was more proficient in that subject.

For example, since the Proulx Manor had a larger and more complete garden and herbal field than the Malfoy Manor as well as a fully equipped laboratory, Herbology and Potions would be taught there. The reason for the Introductory to Magical Creatures doesn't need to be explained, does it?

Whilst, as the Malfoys were more proficient in Charms, Transfiguration, and other combative magic related subjects, courtesy of Miss Narcissa Malfoy and Mr. Lucius Malfoy himself, they would learn them in the Malfoy Manor.

So, Mondays to Wednesdays, they would learn in the Malfoy Manor, and Thursdays to Saturdays would be spent in the Proulx Manor.

Now, the only question Casimir had was how to get from France to England within fifteen minutes.

Mr. Proulx's answer to that was,... A Fireplace!

Well, a silvery powder in a fireplace, to be exact.

"Don't worry. This is just floo powder." Mr. Proulx patiently explains to his son. "You take a pinch of it, throw it into the fireplace, and enter it when the fire turns green. After you say the name of your destination, Clearly, you should be able to arrive there quick. In most cases..."

That explanation doesn't exactly sound reassuring, father... Casimir sweat-dropped.

Despite thinking so, Casimir decided to trust his father this time.

With a deep breath, he took a pinch of floo powder, threw it into the fireplace, and entered it when the fire turned green. Surprisingly, the heat that he had expected didn't come; the temperature inside the fireplace was exactly the same as the temperature outside of it.

It's a magical world, what else should I expect? Casimir thought to himself.

Not wasting any more time thinking about it, he sighed to himself, hoping that he won't end up at the other side of the world or something like that.

"Malfoy Manor." He said as clearly as he could. Hopefully, my accent doesn't mess it up. He crossed his fingers.

Moments later, he found himself being spun around in a quick speed then, it stopped.

He looked around him and realized that he was in a different looking fireplace. This one was quite a bit darker than the one in the Proulx Manor. Most likely, it wasn't cleaned as often.

When he stepped out of the fireplace, he realized that it was awfully quiet.


Then, from his right, he noticed a small, big-eared creature that was wearing rags just sitting on one corner.

A house elf perhaps..? Casimir recognized them from the stories Edgar told him about the lives of other nobles.

Tentatively, Casimir approached the house elf who seemed to not have noticed him yet.

"Excuse me? This is the Malfoy Manor, yes?" Casimir asked quietly to not startle the creature.

Unfortunately, it was still startled considerably. "...Y-yes. Are you master Casimir Proulx..?" The creature replied hesitantly.

"That is indeed my name! And you are?" Casimir spoke amiably.

"My name is Dobby, sir. I am here to lead you to master Draco..." Dobby said, seeming to remember its purpose for being there. "Please follow me."

"Ah, I see. Thank you, Dobby." To Casimir's words, Dobby's eyes lit up.

"No one has ever thanked Dobby before...! Dobby is happy!" Dobby mumbled.

Well, that's sad. But it's none of my business anyways... Casimir smiled to himself.


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