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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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17 Cashmere and Occamy

It was the 24th of December, the day before Christmas.

Despite most people being festive, the Proulx manor was still calm as ever; everyone just did their work normally.

At this time of the year, many nobles were throwing banquets, balls, and such, and they would invite other nobles to attend. Of course, this didn't exclude the Proulx family but, they didn't attend most of the time.

Because most of those who invited them were only after their information network or something similar. Some would even outright propose to marry off their daughters to Casimir in order to strike a connection with the Proulx family.

In the end, it was all for power.

But, this year was a bit different. How?

Well, let's just say, a visitor with the name of Draco Malfoy came to visit. And quite obnoxiously at that.

"Casimir Proulx! I have arrived on this fine morning to bring you presents! Thank me!" He yelled right after he entered the lounge, being led by Alphonse.

Surprised by the sudden intrusion, Casimir nearly dropped the violin he was holding.

"Oh? A violin? I didn't realize that you wanted to be a street performer. Forgive me for not bringing coins today." Draco smirked in an irritating way. "I only brought a Cashmere scarf for our dear Casimir. Perhaps it will do."

... Melecrit's mom!

"Good day to you as well, Draco!" Casimir tried to smile brightly but it came out somewhat stiff instead, placing his violin beside him on the empty space of the couch he was sitting on. "Would you like some tea?"

"Oh?! Your English seems to have improved?" Draco stated in surprise as he took off his thick coat and made himself comfortable on the couch. "And yes, I would like some tea. Thank you."

"I've been trying my best to learn English after our first meeting." Casimir smiled as he elegantly served Draco some tea. "I'm glad to know that it has improved."

"You still have a thick accent though." Draco pointed out as he sipped his tea. "Hmm? What kind if tea is this?! I've never tasted it before!"

He's still a brat!

"It's called Matcha green tea. It was gifted by a merchant from a country called Japan to the east." Casimir said, deciding to put up with Draco's brattiness. At least until Alphonse goes away.

"Well, it's quite good. Maybe I'll ask father to have some servants get some of these." Draco said as he took another sip and put the cup down. "Now that we've had the time to actually have a proper conversation rather than you pulling me around to go to who knows where, I have realized that you're not bad to talk to."

Just as Casimir was about to smile, Draco continued. "At least your intellect is a bit better than a dog's."

This Brat!!!

Casimir just sighed to himself. "What exactly is your purpose in coming here, Draco?"

"As I've said before, I'm here to send you presents." Draco said indifferently and handed a small package to Casimir. "Here. It's a late birthday present and a Christmas gift."

"Oh. I see. Thank you." Casimir mumbled, feeling a bit guilty since he had no presents to give him.

Perhaps seeing Casimir's discomfort, Alphonse came forwards to whisper something in Casimir's ear.

Moments later, Casimir's eyes lit up. "Indeed! How could I forget about that?"

Meanwhile, Draco just watched them in confusion.

"Come! Come! I also have a present for you!" Casimir stood up in excitement.

"Alright but, you have to open the present first." Draco said with a wide grin, as if he was anticipating something to happen.

"Okay...?" Casimir felt like something was off but, he still opened the package tentatively to not seem rude.

What he saw inside though, caused his face to darken.

... He wasn't joking about the cashmere scarf, it seems. Fortunately, it's black so it's still wearable.

"How is it? Pretty good right? I picked it myself so of course it's good! Its cloth is enchanted with a spell that will keep its temperature constant. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter." Draco stated proudly.

This kid needs some serious lessons in social conduct. Maybe I should teach him while he's still young so he won't be so unbearable when he grows up. I'll just think of it as me adopting a new younger brother.

The first step to deal with an arrogant child is to praise them from time to time but not too much. Just enough to satisfy them.

So, with a straight face, Casimir said. "Mm. It's really good. I'll treasure it till the moment of my death."

"Yes, that is only natural!" Draco said, his grin widening.

"Now, come. It's my turn to give you your present."


Inside a separate building near the stables, Casimir was speaking with Edgar, explaining to him the circumstance. From time to time, Edgar would shake his head after glancing at Draco.

As they were speaking, Draco was just looking around and checking the place, unable to understand a single word they were saying. Curiously enough, the building was not cold at all, instead, it was as warm as a summer afternoon. Soon, Draco began feeling humid.

Fortunately, Casimir and Edgar's conversation seemed to have come to a conclusion and Casimir bidded him to come over with a victorious smile while Edgar just sighed helplessly. "Come! Come! It's here!"

Casimir led Draco into a room inside the building where he saw three occamy hatchlings huddled together at the center. Speaking of the Occamy, they are magical creatures that look like beaked serpents with two legs and a pair of wings. Most of them come in bluish to purplish colors and could control their size at will.

Draco looked at Casimir in confusion to which the other boy just laughed. "What are you waiting for? Go and pick one!"

Not knowing on what basis he had to pick since he had never seen this kind of creature before, Draco just ended up picking the one that caught his eye the most; one which shone with a purplish blue color that was unlike its siblings which were just purely blue. "This one."

"Good choice! Six weeks old, a female." Edgar commented from the side.

"What are they anyways?" Draco asked.

"They're called Occamy. They were sent here a few days ago after they were found being illegally smuggled in India." Casimir explained with a smile.

"What are you? A magical creatures care center?!" Draco exclaimed.

"You know, I was wondering about that as well." Casimir replied honestly.


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