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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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15 You“re a Wizard, Casimir

This day has been extremely weird for Casimir.

It had been a few days after his birthday and, for some time now, Casimir felt as if he had been getting quite clumsy for some reason. It was something inconceivable to him since his reflexes were something he took pride on and were considered top notch.

On a normal occasion, cases of falling objects, toppled piles, and bloken glasses wouldn't occur unless he does it purposely but, somehow, there had been multiple occurrences of those happening around him in a short span of three days.

This day, for example, was the worst of them yet!

From the moment he woke up, it was already downright horrid.

When he opened his eyes on this fine, autumn morning, he had realized three important things.

One, the walls of his room were filled with cracks.

Some people would probably say that perhaps, there had been an earthquake in the middle of the night and he had just not realized it. That reason might be acceptable but, Casimir was an extremely light sleeper; an occupational habit that he still managed to retain even after dying.

Two, tens of bats were hanging on the ceiling.

Before he fell asleep, he remembered that his room's window was locked shut. Maybe he remembered wrong?

He turned towards the window to check.

Nope. It was still locked.

...I'm pretty sure the maids won't enter without permission.. Casimir thought.

Three,... His hair grew long enough to reach the middle of his back.

This one, Casimir had no excuses for.


After pushing what happened that morning to the back of his head and getting ready as he did normally, Casimir went straight to the stables.

That's where things started to get weirder.

While he was dragging along Noir's usual breakfast, a whole Wildebeest's leg, the wispy orbs that were used to illuminate the stables at night suddenly went crazy whenever he passed them.

They would suddenly light up extremely brightly and flicker quickly without anyone activating them. Fortunately, they would return to normal after he was some distance away from them.

After that, when Casimir arrived in front of Noir's stable, without even touching the gate yet, it suddenly swung open on its own, nearly dislodging itself from its hinges from the force it used.

The suddenness of this caused Casimir to feel surprised. Let alone, Noir who was just taking a nap and was implicated out of nowhere. The poor kitty was so surprised, it literally awoke with a jump.

"...breakfast." Casimir mentally apologized to the beast.

Just what is happening today?!


While he was eating breakfast with his father, Mr. Proulx suddenly flicked his glass, catching Casimir's attention.

"I heard you've been causing trouble lately?" Mr. Proulx asked, seeming as if he didn't really care.

"...That wasn't me." Casimir replied, hoping Mr. Proulx would believe him.

"Oh... I see." Obviously, he didn't. "Sixteen glasses, four plates, and an antique vase, all broken within the span of three days in your presence... It really does seem like a coincidence, doesn't it?"

Is there really any need for such sarcasm?! QAQ

"Not to mention the thirty-two bats that Alphonse found inside your room this morning as well as the sudden appearance of a mummy sarcophagus inside the kitchen the other day." Mr. Proulx continued.

Fortunately, the manor had a self-fixing ability so, the cracks from this morning weren't mentioned.

"But I really didn't do it though!" Casimir felt wronged.

"Oh, I didn't say anything about you doing it." Mr. Proulx said with a small smile. "Your hair seems longer too. Maybe you touched something you shouldn't have inside the storage room, hmm?"

"I did not!" Casimir exclaimed. So this is how it feels like to be blamed for something you are completely unrelated to.


At around mid-aftrenoon, Casimir was holding a violin score sheet as well as a violin chord chart for beginners inside Noir's stable. Although Casimir had been trying to learn how to play the violin for a few days already, he had only learned a few basic chords. Trying to read the notes were particularly horrid.

What is a half note? What is a half rest? Where is the bow? Is this how you hold a bow? Ah! My fingers cramped!

For now, he had only begun comprehending a basic musical piece called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star...

As he was concentrated on trying to play the piece, he didn't notice that the hay inside the stable began floating, bobbing up and down with the rise and fall of the notes, as if dancing to the tune. The only one who noticed was Noir who was staring at the floating hay curiously.

Suddenly, as he was nearly done with the piece, a stray straw of hay brushed his cheek, causing him to look up from the violin. It was then that he noticed the abnormalities in his surroundings, making him stop playing.

Right when he did, the hay also stopped floating, falling back to the ground, covering both Casimir and Noir in hay.

...Melecrit's mom!


Inside the office on the third floor, Mr. Proulx and Alphonse were talking to each other about Casimir's strange circumstance.

"Do you think he actually made contact with some sort of cursed object?" Mr. Proulx asked seriously.

"I've noted down all of the objects that the young master had touched in this past month and I can conclude that this possibility is very unlikely, my lord." Alphonse replied in an equally serious tone.

"Then, is it possible that he is actually doing this on purpose?" Mr. Proulx asked again.

"Perhaps the broken objects could have been done purposely but, the bats inside the young master's room and the sarcophagus in the kitchen are things that a single child is unable to do, my lord." Alphonse informed.

"... Alphonse, could it be..?" After a momentary pause, Mr. Proulx's eyes lit up, having thought of a hopeful possibility.

"It's not entirely impossible, my lord." Alphonse smiled as he replied, arriving to the same conclusion as his master.

"Then, we have to find him quick!" Mr. Proulx stood up hastily.


At the same time, Casimir had just cleaned himself up and was walking towards the dining room to eat dinner with his father; each one of his steps heavy with exhaustion.

Suddenly, he heard quick footsteps coming from in front of him, causing him to look up and see Mr. Proulx and Alphonse hurrying towards his direction.

"Casimir! We need to talk!" Mr. Proulx shouted to Casimir when he spotted him.

That line again!

Casimir felt confused. What did I do wrong this time?! He took a step back unconsciously.

Crack! Crash!

The window beside him was suddenly blown into pieces by an invisible force, catching all three people present unaware.

"...I swear, this has nothing to do with me." Casimir said helplessly but, when he looked towards his father, the man actually had a wide grin on his face instead of a furious one which Casimir had expected.

"I know!" Mr. Proulx exclaimed. "Congratulations, my son! You're a wizard!"

A wizard? Does it mean I can do magic as well?! Cool!

"Finally, you found something you're actually good at!" It was obviously a compliment but, why did it feel more like an insult instead?


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