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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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11 Draco Malfoy

Right after Casimir noticed the new guests, Mr. Proulx did so too. After excusing himself, Mr. Proulx immediately headed towards the two with Casimir in tow.


"Father, how come they have people as servants instead of house elves?" Draco asked his father, looking around the room curiously after they had arrived, not noticing Casimir and Mr. Proulx who were just a short distance of a few paces away from them.

"Those are squibs, Draco. People who came from wizardry families but didn't have an ounce of talent for magic so, they became lowly servants instead in exchange for protection." Mr. Malfoy told his son coldly. "They are people who are no more than pebbles at the side of the road in the world we live in so, I better not find out that you've been associating with their kind."

"Yes, father." Drace answered seriously, wanting to please his father.

Casimir sighed. Although he couldn't quite accept what Mr. Malfoy said about the manor's servants, he still chose to keep quiet, knowing that what the man had said was the actual truth. The cold, harsh truth that one has to accept at some point in their lives.

Equality is just a myth.

If you wish for justice, then you must have the power to take it.

Even in the seemingly peaceful Proulx manor, Casimir knew that the very same servants whom he had been living and conversing with were actually just tools which Mr. Proulx could just dispose of at any given moment.

Just see for yourself, the outcome of the man who almost got Casimir killed on the first day.

Such is the life of the lower class.

And there was no one more familiar with it than Casimir himself.

It seems like some things never change, even in different worlds.

"Mr. Malfoy! We're so glad you could take the time out of your busy schedule to come!" Finally, Mr. Proulx decided to let his presence be known, greeting the Malfoys with the same amiable smile that he had shown everyone else, not giving away any hint that he had heard what they were talking about. "Ah, it seems you have also brought young Draco Malfoy with you!"

"Indeed. I've brought him with me today to help him get familiar with occasions such as this. Hopefully, you won't mind." Mr. Malfoy said with a courteous smile yet still managing to look dignified. Just how does he do it?!

Oh. That's a nice cane though...

"Not at all! Not at all!" Mr. Proulx turned towards Draco with a kind smile that adults would normally show to children. "Hello, Draco. Do you remember me? The last time I saw you, you were still very young! Around two or three years old perhaps?"

To what Mr. Proulx said, Draco just looked confused and turned to his father, obviously not remembering who Mr. Proulx was.

"Draco, this is Mr. Proulx. My business partner." Mr. Malfoy explained in a timely manner. "He used to visit when you were younger."

"Haha! It seems like you don't remember." Mr. Proulx laughed as if he found it funny. "You were so young back then! It would be surprising if you remembered."

"Ah! Before I forget... Casimir!" Mr. Proulx suddenly called Casimir who was just quietly watching them, moving aside to introduce his own son. "Draco, this is my son Casimir. Hopefully, the both of you could get along with each other." The man said with his hands on Casimir's shoulders, as if he was afraid his son would suddenly disappear to wander around somewhere else.

After being put in the spotlight so suddenly by his father, Casimir began to feel slightly panicked. The worst place to put an assassin, former or not, was in the spotlight after all. "B-bonsoir, ah! I mean, Good Evening, Draco." Casimir bowed elegently but, his words had a stutter. "Hello again, Mr. Malfoy."

"I see you've learned a bit of English." Mr. Malfoy stated. "Draco, shouldn't you be saying something?"

"Good evening, Casimir." Draco replied with a straight face.

Suddenly, Casimir found himself desperately trying to suppress his laughter. Unfortunately, his unnatural expression gave it away.

"What's so funny?" Draco asked, looking annoyed that someone was laughing at him, making Casimir laugh aloud. "Pfft! Hahaha!"

"I said, what's so funny?!" Draco's face started to redden from anger but, Casimir just continued laughing.

"Alright, that's enough, Casimir." Mr. Proulx had an amused smile. "Don't worry, Draco. You just mispronounced his name."

"It's Ca-zah-meer. Ca-zah-meer. Not Cashmere." Casimir said, trying to stop himself from laughing more. "I'm not cashmere coat."

"Well, you have a funny accent yourself!" Draco retorted back.

QAQ I do?!

Seeing Casimir's horrified expression, Draco grinned triumphantly.

"Shall we leave the children get to know each other?" Mr. Proulx turned towards Mr. Malfoy.

"...Let us do so. We still have some business to discuss." Mr. Malfoy answered after a momentary pause.

"Casimir." Mr. Proulx called Casimir's attention. "Entertain Draco for a while. Don't wander around."

"Yes, father." Casimir replied. Although he was curious about what kind of business they were to talk about, he knew he couldn't overstep his boundaries so he just agreed.

After both the boys watched their fathers walk farther into the room, they turned to each other in silence; the air turning awkward in the speed of sound.

"Do you want to get away from here?" Casimir suddenly asked. Fortunately he studied English so, he could now hold basic conversations.

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea." Draco said, perhaps worried that his father might find out but still maintained that proud, 'none are better than moi' expression.

"It's good! It's good! Come! I will show you something!" Casimir grinned mischievously and directly grabbed Draco's wrist, pulling the boy towards a wall which also served as the exit to the room. "You will like it!"


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