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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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5 The Gues

After walking for a while, Casimir arrived at the main halls of the third floor. He tried to walk as quietly as possible which, should be easy enough for him, being a former assassin and all.

One might question, why be overly cautious?

Well, that was because the office of Mr. Proulx, the same one he had been in just a few hours before, was located in this hall.

He didn't even bother to open the doors to check what was inside, fearing that a small creak of a door would expose him to the lord of the manor, although, he did find out one thing about the manor.

It was filled with windows.

Large, glass windows that allowed the sunlight to stream inside, making the manor look bright and inviting.

If given enough time, Casimir would have wanted to enjoy the sight more.

Unfortunately, he had forgotten an important matter and, just as he was about to sneak past the office, the door suddenly swung open, freezing him in his tracks.

He forgot about the guest!

Well, it wasn't that he had forgotten about it, it was just that he was so focused on exploring and reading that the matter had been pushed to the back of his mind.

Because the door had suddenly opened, he didn't even have the time to look for a hiding spot before he was spotted


How does he manage to maintain such long hair?!

That was the first thought Casimir had in his mind when he met Lucius Malfoy for the first time.

The man had long, blond hair that grew past his shoulders. He looked somewhat elfish to Casimir in a sinister way and, the all black garments that he was wearing just increased that impression.

"Your son?" The man asked as he glanced at Mr. Proulx who just sighed helplessly. "Yes, Mr. Malfoy. This is my son, Casimir."

Huh? What is this? Casimir was confused, he didn't understand what they were saying. Were they speaking in another language? The only word he understood was his own name. Were they speaking about him?

Mr. Proulx then turned to him and suddenly, he could understand him again!

"Casimir, I told you not to wander around." Mr. Proulx said in a tired voice.

"...I forgot..?" Casimir replied with an innocent look, trying to discretely inch away.

Meanwhile, as the father and son duo were talking, Lucius Malfoy was assessing the child in front of him, as well as the books he was carrying.

World Geography, an Encyclopedia, an Introductory to Basic Wizardry, The Dark Arts vol. 1, and... Basic Common Sense.

"We'll talk later." Mr. Proulx said seriously then, gestured towards the guest beside him. "This is Mr. Malfoy."

"Ah... Bonjour?" Casimir hesitantly greeted to which, Mr. Malfoy just looked at him with slight interest.

"I take it, he doesn't speak English?" Mr. Malfoy asked Mr. Proulx, who, answered with a shake of his head. "I'm afraid he hasn't been taught that yet."

"I see..." Mr. Malfoy said. What an interesting child.

"Depending on some situations, you might be seeing him quite often so, behave yourself." Mr. Proulx warned Casimir seriously. "I'll be seeing Mr. Malfoy out so, wait for Alphonse to lead you later to the office in your room."

"Remember. In you room. Don't wander around." Mr. Proulx emphasized, then, turned back to Mr. Malfoy. "I'm sorry for the delay, Mr. Malfoy. Shall we head out now?"

"Ah, yes." The two men walked away from the office, idly chatting about topics Casimir didn't know since he couldn't understand what they were saying.

...Studying that language is a must.


Already nearly an hour had passed since his encounter with Mr. Malfoy, and now, Casimir was once again sitting on the chair in the office while being scolded by Mr. Proulx.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Do not wander around!" Mr. Proulx berated. "This time you were lucky. If the guest today was someone from the French Ministry of Magic or one of those arrogant nobles from the north, they probably won't take it lightly!"

To Mr. Proulx's scoldings, Casimir just repeatedly nodded his head, not bothering to talk back since it would be a bad idea.

"You really need to learn to behave and do as you're told." Mr. Proulx narrowed his eyes. "So, I've decided to give you a punishment."



"Yes, my lord?" Alphonse entered the office after being called by Mr. Proulx.

"Have Casimir follow you around for the next two weeks starting tomorrow. Have him learn from the servants." Although he was confused, Alphonse just nodded since he didn't have the right to question his master's motives. "Yes, my lord. This servant understands."

Eh? What?! Noo... My free time!

Casimir began to regret his decision in exploring the manor. Because of that, he would need to follow Alphonse around all day, doing who knows what.

Unfortunately, his reading time would also be greatly lessened, causing him to fall into a momentary depression.

Well, at least I would learn more about housework in this world. Casimir tried to cheer himself up.

It didn't work.

"You may go." Mr. Proulx said, dismissing them.

"Yes, my lord." Alphonse replied. "Shall we go, young master?"

Casimir nodded and followed behind Alphonse, dreading what would come the next day.

Inside the office, Mr. Proulx was massaging his temples. The previous serious and dignified expression he had just a while ago was gone and was replaced by an exhausted one.

He sighed. "My son, you need to learn how to take care of yourself and mature early. I won't always be around to protect you."

Mr. Proulx picked up the document on his table which was given to him by Mr. Malfoy.

"Grindelwald's followers are stirring up again."


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