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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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4 The Library

Oh... So that was how it was...

It turned out to be like this! How fascinating...

Casimir was reading a book inside the library that he had found after wandering around the fourth floor of the manor, emitting sounds of wonder and amazement from time to time.

Despite being told by Mr. Proulx not to wander around, Casimir couldn't help but do it. Just to fulfill his curiosity about his new world.

It was on his tours around the fourth floor while he was trying to map out the layout of the manor that he had come across the library. Strangely, there were only two rooms on the fourth froor.

Two extremely spacious rooms.

One of them was the library, containing rows upon rows of bookshelves, filled to the brim with various books about various subjects.

The other was a laboratory of some sort but, instead of it being filled with various chemicals and blithstones like he was used to seeing in labs, there were various parts of creatures in jars as well as strange looking glass instruments.

Seeing that he knew nothing of the materials inside, he chose to explore the library instead.

With his endless curiosity, the thousands of books in the library posed as a treasure trove to him.

It was there that he discovered that the world he lived in was actually called Earth and, the country he was in currently, was called France.

In this world called Earth, technology was advanced and magic existed, though most people were unaware of it. Those who knew were called wizards and witches, though they may be called in a different term in other countries, and those who didn't know were called muggles.

This world is much more peaceful than the other world. Casimir felt relieved.

If this world was as chaotic as the previous one, Casimir didn't know if he could deal with it.

Spending nearly thirty years fighting and killing in Gretzheims had already made him very tired. All he wanted now was to live in peace.

So, for him, the situation on earth was what he needed the most.

But, that didn't mean he would live without a goal.

No. He would still want to become the top assassin, or should it be wizard now? In the world.

But, that shouldn't be something that needs immediate attention. Since he was still considered as a child right now, he would take this time to live the way he wanted to. The goal can wait.

Casimir decided to indulge himself in this moment of freedom.

After reading for a while, Casimir began feeling a bit drowsy. Although his mind was that of an adult, he still couldn't help it since his body was currently still a child.

An extensive period of activeness would easily tire out the body so, frequent nap times were required.

In that case, since climbing to the fourth floor all the time to reach the library was too tiresome, why not just bring the books to the room so reading while laying down on the bed could be done?

Despite Casimir's refusal to admit, he was actually a lazy person deep down. If there was one thing he was good at doing, that was procrastinating.

So, most of the time, he would just do everything all at once in order to have more free time to himself. If not, then he would ignore what he was supposed to do, probably hoping that it would just disappear one day.

As he exited the library carrying a few books which he found helpful, he thought to himself. Why not walk around the third floor to map it out as well since it had a staircase that led to the left wing's second floor where his room was located?

Deciding to do so, he went down the stairs and walked on the hallways of the third floor, starting from the right wing. There, he saw a few empty rooms. Well, most of them were empty rooms but, there was one room that contained what seemed to be antiques.

Casimir closed the door to the room after giving it a quick glance since he had no interest in such items. What he didn't know was, those antiques weren't just any ordinary decorations.


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