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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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3 Casimir Marie Proulx

After making sure that Ayami was physically unharmed, the man, who Ayami had found out was the head steward of the manor they were in, led Ayami to a room which, Ayami guessed belonged to the original owner of the body she was in.

Fortunately, the steward didn't dare to let Ayami out of his sight in fear of Ayami getting into trouble and nearly dying again and chose to lead Ayami to the room personally, or else, Ayami was afraid he would have gotten lost trying to find his room. By then, it would have been troublesome to explain why he would get lost in his own home, which, may lead them to finding out his secret.

Sadly, the steward will never know that the young master he was trying to protect had already died and was replaced by an entirely different person. Perhaps the original owner of the body, after having seen the gigantic panther charging straight towards him, was frightened so much that he had died directly.

It was understandable since he was just a small child.

As of now, Ayami was sitting on the edge of a bed too large for someone as small as he was, contemplating about her current predicament.

This world is not the same as the previous one, Ayami concluded. There was no magic there, but, here, it existed.

Other than the fact that he had died in the previous world and was transfered into the body of a young boy from a world that had magic, he knew nothing else.

But, despite the language the steward used being different and unfamiliar to him, he seemed to be able to understand it instinctively. Perhaps that was because of the body's own memory.

For now, before he made any plans, Ayami needed to gather more information about his new body's identity, his body's current circumstance, and general knowledge about the world he was now living in.

He looked towards an antique mirror at the corner of the room and saw a soft-looking child with fluffy, extremely light blond hair and evergreen eyes.

Mm... Knowing more about this body is the top priority right now.

Ayami conveniently ignored the new package that had been added to his body.

On the bright side, he was now in the body of a young child, therefore, making it easier for him to ask about things without people becoming overly suspicious.

Just then, there were sudden sounds of knocking on the door, halting his thoughts.

"Young master?" It turned out to be the steward.

"Yes?" Ayami replied, getting off of the bed and heading for the door to open it.

"Young master, the lord wants to speak with you." The steward said, surprising Ayami.

The lord? That should be either the original body's father or his grandfather.

Being an orphan in the previous world, he never had the chance to feel the love of his parents. Even the woman who adopted Tachibana Ayami was more like a teacher than a parent.

Although Ayami's mental age was already nearing the thirties, perhaps, due to being influenced by the body he was occupying, he couldn't help but feel a child-like giddiness.

Now, knowing that he had a chance to finally experience having parents, he couldn't help but feel a bit excited.

What kind of people would they be like?

Ayami followed behind the steward and arrived in front of a mysterious-looking door which, Ayami guessed to be the door to the lord's office.

The steward knocked on the door lightly. "My lord, the young master has arrived."

"...Let him in." There was a few seconds of silence, making Ayami think that the lord didn't hear stewards but, after the pause, he suddenly heard a voice reply softly.

The steward opened the door for Ayami and sent him an encouraging look. With his smooth actions, it seemed like he was used to doing this. Perhaps the original owner of the body often got in trouble and was always being called to the office like this.

After Ayami entered the office, the steward gently closed the door and waited outside.

Inside the office were shelved filled with various kinds of books were placed on the right side while on the left were jars containing strange creatures or parts of creatures submerged in some kind of liquid.

Oh, is that an eyeball?

For most people, this kind of environment would make them feel uncomfortable, but, to a former assassin, this was a place where he would feel at home.

"Cough." A sudden sound made him stop looking around curiously. Looking towards where the sound came from, Ayami saw a man who looked to be in his mid-twenties gazing at him with a serious expression.

"Casimir. Sit." The man ordered.

Casimir? Is that the name of this body?

Despite feeling somewhat annoyed by being treated like a dog, Ayami couldn't help but sit on a chair in front of the man's desk, as if an invisible force was controlling him.

"...I heard that you've been running around in places you shouldn't be in again." The man stated as he took a sip from the teacup on his desk.

Looking closer at the man's features, Ayami realized that he and the man had the same hair color and eye color but, the man had a more defined looking face. Ayami was ninety-nine percent sure that the man was the body's father.

Maybe he could take this chance to get some information out of him.

"Casimir. Are you listening?" The cold voice of the man woke him up from his wandering thoughts.

"Ah, yes?" Ayami asked cluelessly, to which, the man just sighed and shook his head.

"How do you become so uncontrollable when your mother's not around? I can't deal with you." The man said helplessly. "I'm telling you, Casimir Marie Proulx. If you continue to be like this, I'll send you to Durmstrang!"

Casimir Marie Proulx. So that's my name...

And Durmstang? What is that? Ayami was confused, but, judging from the way the man said it, it should not be a good place, or, at least, somewhere the original owner of the body didn't want to go to.

So, acting appropriately to the situation, Ayami wore a horrified expression, making the man smile in satisfaction.

"Since you don't want me to send you to Durmstrang, then behave. You'll be turning seven years old in a few months, at least mature a little. You need to live up to our family name. Our nobility isn't just for show." The man said, once again being serious. "And don't worry about the boy who almost got you killed."

The man sneered. "He'll be properly taken care of."

"Alright. A guest will be coming here this afternoon to discuss something with me so you better not be running around at that time. Now go." The man began reading the papers on his desk. "Don't cause too much trouble for Alphonse."

Ayami nodded and went out. Although he didn't know who Alphonse was, he thought that it should be steward who kept following him around.

His goal of getting information out of the man was a success.

He at least found out his new name, age, and family condition. Well, this new father seemed nice, but, he hadn't met his new mother yet.

Maybe he'll get another chance on a later date.

Anticipating for that day to arrive, Ayami...

No, it should be Casimir Marie Proulx now. Tachibana Ayami is dead.

Anticipating for that day to come, Casimir walked with a bounce in his steps and hummed a tuned as they passed through the winding hallways.


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