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Creating A New Legend Through Practical Magic in the Harry Potter World
Author :LordOfRot
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2 An Extra Package

"Hey! Watch out!"

As soon as she became aware of her surroundings once again, a voice screaming at her startled her out of her confusion. Suddenly, she felt the tiny hairs at the back of her neck stand up, with every part of her body screaming 'Danger!'.

Choosing to trust her instincts, she rolled to the side, just in time to avoid a huge paw that seemed to be larger than her from crushing her head into paste.

"Young master! Are you alright?!" A somewhat lanky-looking middle aged man suddenly appeared from seemingly out of thin air, his face red from either worry or anger, or maybe it was both. Not waiting for her reply, the man turned towards a young man who was trying to appease what looked to be a gigantic armored panther.

Young master? Should'nt it be young mistress instead? Anyways, what is with this sudden show of respect? Ayami was getting more and more confused by the minute.

"You squib! How dare you nearly kill the young master! If it wasn't for the young master's timely reaction, he would've already died!" The older man shouted, pointing a sharpened stick towards the younger man, to which, Ayami found somewhat comical. "I should just kill you right now!"

With a pointy stick? Ayami humoured herself. Anyways, what exactly is a squib. And, where is this?

Right when she was trying to figure out where she was, an influx of memories and informations suddenly hit her like a truck. Particularly, memories of the night she was killed.

It all made sense now.

Tachibana Ayami was dead. But, somehow, her soul had been transfered into the body of a child from another world.

How that was possible, she didn't know, but, she felt thankful that she had a chance to start anew.

Strangely, despite knowing that she was Tachibana Ayami until a while ago and receiving her memories, she didn't receive much of the emotions that came with it.

She did feel the regret of being betrayed by her most trusted person, but, she didn't feel the intense desire to take revenge. There was only acceptance.

It was like she was only a spectator in her own life.

Perhaps that was because she was currently in a new body and the new body had nothing to do with Tachibana Ayami, therefore, the new body might have taken it as none of its business. Or something like that?

Ayami shook her head.

She would deal with this problem later. Right now, there was a more important problem at hand.

"Young master, can you stand up? Are you hurt anywhere?" It seemed like the older man had finished shouting at the younger man and was now looking at Ayami with a worried gaze.

He's been saying young master for some time now. Perhaps he doesn't know that she is female?

Just as Ayami was about to get up from the ground and clarify the possible misunderstanding, she, or now, he, felt something between his legs that shouldn't be there.

The sudden feeling sent a chill throughout his body, causing him to freeze on the spot.

What... Is this?

Don't tell me I have really become a boy?!

At this moment, all Ayami wanted to do was to tear off his pants to see whether what he had thought was true.

"Young master?" The older man called nervously, shaking those thoughts away from Ayami's head temporarily.

"Ah, yes. Thank you." A light, lispy voice said. Ayami was shocked. He had already predicted that he was quite young judging from the height difference between him and the other men, but, he didn't expect that he was that young. "I-I'm fine."

Due to the constant shocks that he had been recieving for the past minutes, his voice couldn't help but tremble. Fortunately, the older man took it as Ayami feeling scared from almost dying.

"Young master, If you don't mind, since I have taken care of the squib for the time being, I will now take you to the lounge in order to check for injuries." Maybe it was because the older man had seen that Ayami was fine, his expression had relaxed by quite a bit and his tone had become steadier.

Hearing the older man say squib, a term he didn't quite understand, once again, he turned to look towards the younger man who had been unnaturally still for a while now. The gigantic creature that had almost killed him had disappeared, perhaps to cause chaos somewhere else.

"What happened to him?" Ayami asked hesitantly after he had suppressed the unneeded emotions in his heart.

"He is petrified, young master. No need to worry about him." The older man said with a sneer. "He'll be taken care of later."

"Oh, I see." Despite replying as if he knew exactly what was going on, only Ayami himself knew exactly how confused he was.

Petrified? He was so scared, he froze? What scared him though? I doubt the old man is that scary.

While he was thinking to himself, the man took the initiative to reach towards Ayami and with an incantation and a flick of his pointy stick, they had disappeared from where they had previously stood and reappeared inside a luxurious-looking lounge.


This... How is it possible?!

"Young master, please wait here for a moment. I'll go and look for the family healer." The man informed and headed out after giving a quick bow, but, barely three seconds after, he had suddenly returned. "And, please, don't wander around, young master." Then, he left again.


Ayami was left in silence.

Suddenly, he remembered something important. With his hand on the waistband of the pants he was wearing, he tentatively took a peek.

....Oof! It's really there...

QAQ There's an extra package....


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