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Command: A Programmer's Journey in a New World
Author :wamlab
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2 Wandering

I stared into the floating window, something so familiar yet so foreign.

The command prompt floating in front of me looked akin to any old windows cmd, a blinking white indicator set on a pitch black background, awaiting input.

Curiousity brimming, I managed to set aside my preoccupied state of mind to tinker with this natural anomaly.

'How the hell do I interface with this…'

I reached my hand towards the shimmering display and tapped on it. My finger pushed directly through it as if the screen didn't exist whatsoever.

Intrigued, I held both of my hands out in a typing like fashion to see if a hologram keyboard would appear.

Only after positioning my hands in countless different orientations did I give up on that approach.

Then after attempting to speak to the window and spending an embarrassingly long time "thinking at the window", I temporarily gave up on deciphering the floating anomaly.

Finally returning to the situation at hand, I analyzed my own body and my surroundings. From what I could tell, I was in peak condition, actually, I don't know if I have ever felt this good. Around me, however, was stark wilderness.

I was in the middle of a luscious grassy plain, one the extended as far as the eye could see to the north and south, while a mountain range flanked the left side of the plains, countless miles away, and a dark and slightly ominous forest sat nearby to the west.

Assuming that I was still in the states, I would venture to assume that I was in Colorado. Or literally anywhere. I'm not really the best with this kind of stuff.

Before setting off, I looked back up at the sky to reaffirm my internal compass.

I rubbed my eyes, once, twice, three times.

'I know that I was just slightly off needing a prescription, but I think I'm going to have to call bullshit on this one.'

A quote from the mysterious death voice popped into my head.

<Attemption dimensional tear.>

Because floating about me in the bright midday sky were the faint outlines of not one, but seven moons.

I have always prided myself on being able to stay relatively calm during stressful and confusing situations.

That's because I have never truly been in one.

'Haaa… There's no way right? My eyes are probably just fucked up, when I find civilization ill get then checked out.'

I managed to convince myself that whatever was happening to me, wasn't. To do that, I simply began walking.

I walked north for hours.

During that time I checked my pockets for the phone I left on Kale's dresser at least 16 times, looked for anything resembling a landmark that would clue me into my location, and eventually resorted to rambling to my only company. The command prompt floating alongside me. Not to control it, but at least to make it disappear, as it did obscure a good portion of my vision.

"Uhh, disappear!"

"Prompt disappear!"

"Control, alt, delete?"

"System kill."

"I, erm, command you to disappear!"

[Entry: "You to disappear" is not a known action.]

I should have been ecstatic, finally having found a clue to the black box, but I was distracted by the text itself.

It wasn't written in English, or any familiar language for that matter. The script looked similar to an Eastern Asian language, the characters themselves all flowed directly into the next. It was abstractly beautiful. And I could read it perfectly.

Well, read was a strong word, I could easily understand the meanings behind it. Listening closely, even when I spoke it wasn't English.

The odds of me not being on earth were beginning to stack against me, yet somehow I managed to choose ridiculous, blind and exceptionally fragile optimism.

"Thwump, thwump, thwump."

A sound that I first considered following was now getting louder at an alarming pace. Now with each hit the ground and forest shook.

Over the bone-shaking rumbling, a clear voice rang out.

"Get the fuck out of the way dude!"

Then the forest split apart as a behemoth came flying out of it. And directly towards me. The behemoth was somewhere between wooly mammoth and something from the shadow of the Colossus. There was at least a quarter mile between the beast and myself, but that distance was closing quickly.

On top of the behemoth was a woman.

The scene was entrancing, the woman was fighting fiercely against the monster, her thick crimson braid whipping violently against the movements of the beast.

Not entrancing enough to stop my legs from carrying me away.

Over my shoulder, I watched her fight as she ran.

The mysterious women thought back to how she found herself in this situation. Unable to fully pierce the back of what should have been an easy profit, she was ripped from the ground and onto a joy ride through the forest.

To top it off, some dumbass was sitting in the middle of the open, totally oblivious to the oncoming calamity.

She could only spare the effort for a single shout, whatever happened from there on out was no longer on her conscious.

The moment they broke through the treeline, she ripped one of her Sabres out of the back of the Mammoth, only to plunge it back in again slightly higher. Like this, she effectively climbed forward the rampaging beast.

Little by little, she skillfully reached the head of the behemoth, who was desperately trying to shake her off.

Gripping the handles tightly, she flipped forward using the crude Sabres. In one swift motion, she ripped both of her weapons out of the beasts tough skull and kicked off the front of the beast.

She stabbed her rusty black Sabres into the fleshy hide covering the Mammoth's trunk. The weak flesh was unable to hold her weight, ripping the long snout into three disgusting strips of flesh.

The beast was unable to withstand the pain and tripped forward onto the grassy plains.

I watched in awe and disgust as the women stabbed her sabres into the head of the beast, effectively ending its life. Looking over towards my previous position, the beast had absolutely obliterated the spot where I was standing. This woman, well, Amazonian was a more accurate term, had saved my life.

She had her back turned and didn't even notice me as I walked up to her and simply kept on dismantling her prize.

"Hello, thank you for the heads up," I said, but she kept working at the corpse vigourously as if I hadn't said anything.

I stepped a bit closer and asked, "Uhh, hello?"

Again, I was met with her back, no reaction whatsoever.

"I know you saved me but isn't this a bit rude?" I asked as I finally stepped up and tapped on her shoulder.

I didn't even have time to react as my world was flipped upside down, pain sprouting in my ankles and back as I slammed onto the ground. Quicker than I could follow, her sabres pierced the dirt on either side of my neck and slid into an X shape, pinning my head against the ground.

She held the sabres taught against my neck while staring down at me, standing behind my head.

Her eyes pierced me like daggers and her voice was venom, "Who are you, no, how did you sneak up on me?"

Despite the situation, I had to choke down a laugh.



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