Celestial Weapons Artificer
3 Chapter 3: Cultivation, Advancing A Thousand Leagues
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Celestial Weapons Artificer
Author :Myriad_Sovereign
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3 Chapter 3: Cultivation, Advancing A Thousand Leagues

Unknowingly, the amount of True Qi accumulated in Tang Huan's body became more and more, and in less than fifteen minutes, the spirit vein becoming much larger and stronger being able to allow more True Qi to flow through smoothly.

After what seemed like years, Tang Huan felt as if there was a warm current flowing inside his body that was quickly moving between his limbs and bones in a steady stream.

"Let's try the second spirit vein now!" said Tang Huan to himself after cultivating for a while. Having tasted the sweet taste of success Tang Huan wanted to capitalise on this to try opening his next spirit vein.

Without wasting time Tang Huan's heart moved slightly as his hands changed from one hand seal to another in a familiar manner yet at the same time foreign.

In the next moment, the true qi within the first spirit vein began to boil up, and like a tidal wave, it was rapidly sucked into the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace". Then, with an even faster speed, it rushed out of the cauldron towards the second spirit vein with an unstoppable momentum.

"Booom!" Tang Huan's True Qi broke through the barrier blocking his second spirit vein.

Not long later, Tang Huan felt his body lighten, and that feeling of ease and lightness appeared again. In just a short moment, the second spirit vein had been cleared of all impurities.

"Hehe I opened my second spirit vein so quickly!" said Tang Huan. He was wild with joy the quick progress he was making.

Indeed the like what the old blacksmith said the second spirit vein was wider than the first. But this was not a situation that would last because as one's true qi continuously circulated, the first spirit vein would gradually become the same size as the second spirit vein.

"I'll see if I can open my third spirit vein after my true qi is fully accumulated!" said Tang Huan after calming himself down. Having accomplished the impossible, Tang Huan's confidence was boosted. He wanted to see how far he could go before stopping.

Fully opening two spirit veins in a row not only allowed Tang Huan the hope of increasing his strength, but it also allowed him to see the light of hope to become a true Artificer.

Becoming a true artificer was not only what the previous Tang Huan desired, it was also his own wish.

From his point of view, the swordsmakers on Earth were equivalent to the blacksmiths of this Yakruin Continent. However, the weapons refined by the weapons craftsmen on the Yakruin Continent seemed to possess an even stronger unimaginable might. Back on Earth, his lifelong wish was to refine a peerless famous sword that could be passed down through the ages.

But unfortunately, even though he lost his life during finishing process, he still wasn't able to accomplish his dream.

But here, Tang Huan saw the light of hope, a much higher possibility of realizing his wish. Furthermore, after becoming an Artificer, not only would he be able to forge an exceptional sword, he would also be able to create other unique artifacts. When he thought of those exceptional famous tools being created one by one, Tang Huan became extremely excited.

After a while, Tang Huan continued to cultivate in high spirits.

After a while, Tang Huan continued to cultivate in high spirits.

It didn't take long to connect the first and second spirit veins, also making them the same size but it took nearly two hours to make the width of the two spirit veins the same.

"Sighh, let's try breaking through to the third spirit vein!" Exhaling slowly, Tang Huan started focusing on the third spirit vein.

Seeing the sun In high noon, Tang Huan took a deep breath and changed the hand signs again and again in quick but smooth manner.

Having already going through the process twice in the last couple of hours, Tang Huan noticed that the process this time was much more difficult. Even with the help of the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace", the speed at which the True Qi advanced through the third meridian to clear the impurities was very slow.

But even though the difficulty of clearing the third spirit vein was much higher Tang Huan was not discouraged at all. He kept making his true qi move through the spirit vein from one cycle to another without stopping and even though his true qi was constantly being exhausted, the Nine Yang Divine Furnace made it so that his emptying reserves to quickly be replenished.

The existence of the "Nine Yang Divine Furnace" caused the true qi in Tang Huan's two meridians to never truly break, and under the continuous impact of the true qi, the third meridian also became smoother with less impurities bit by bit.

The flow of Time passed like water.


In the evening, after what seemed like ages, Tang Huan's entire body suddenly shook. After an afternoon had passed, his third spirit vein had finally been opened.

As Tang Huan breathed a sigh of relief, he also felt a deep sense of exhaustion. However, he could not hide the joy that appeared in his eyes.

"I opened three spirit veins, I can finally be considered a genuine first step Martial Disciple!" Whispered Tang Huan to himself.

Feeling the three open spirit veins in his body, Tang Huan could not help but tear up.

The body's previous owner had trained diligently for ten years, even in his dreams, he wished to become a Martial Disciple Yet now, in a single day, he had opened up three spirit veins. Let's hope this can also be considered as completing the young man's wish.

Although this body had changed souls, Tang Huan had merged with the youth's memories that were more than ten years old. His emotions would inevitably be affected by the memories.

After a long while, Tang Huan finally calmed himself down and continued to cultivate the "Spirit Arts of Invigorating Meridian".

After the three spirit veins were all filled with Qi, Tang Huan's face brightened. Soon after, rumbling sounds came from his stomach. He finally realized that his body hadn't eaten since early this morning, and his stomach was rumbling with hunger.

"Looks like I'll have to take out a few more weapons to sell." mumbled Tang Huan after thinking about his current situation.

Tang Huan stood up, dusted himself and swept his eyes over the weapons hanging on the surrounding walls.

It had been a month since the old blacksmith left Nu Lang City and he had already spent all the money he had left behind. This morning, the body's previous owner wanted to sell a few weapons to support himself, but he met those Tang Clan Disciples on the way and died an unjust death. His body was thrown back into the remote blacksmith shop.

In the end, it did Tang Huan good, allowing him to have a new body and a new lease at life.

After choosing three sharp long blades and wrapping them up with oily rags, Tang Huan placed them on his shoulders and walked out of the shop with big strides in a jubilant mood about his successful cultivation breakthroughs.

In the Yakruin Continent, only weapons that were graded would be able to sell for a high price, and those high grade weapons were even more difficult to find.

And weapons that weren't ranked were easy to find and very cheap.

For example, the three long blades that Tang Huan was carrying, if he brought them to the weapons shop, he estimated that they would only sell for around two to three gold coins, which was not much more than regular farm equipment.

But if it was a low-grade weapon, no matter how poor the quality was, it would still be worth at least a hundred gold coins.

However, he couldn't care about much right now, he would just have to fill his stomach first. With two to three gold coins, he could save some time and live in Nu Lang City for a few days without much trouble.

"Someone's coming?"

Before even exiting the blacksmith shop, Tang Huan was startled, and immediately revealed a smile.

After opening up three spirit veins and reaching the first stage of Martial Disciples, his hearing had improved by leaps and bounds, so he could easily hear footsteps coming from outside.

Tang Huan listened carefully and mumbled to himself that there should be three people coming.

Aftef carefully thinking through 2ho the footsteps could belong to, Tang Huan came to the conclusion that the people who were coming over to the blacksmith shop, must want to buy weapons, which was exactly the situation Tang Huan hoped for. Not only did they save him time running around, he would also avoid being pressured by the weapons shop to sell for a low price. Three long blades would only be worth two to three gold coins in the weapon store. Here, I could negotiate the price to be a little higher.

In the next moment, Tang Huan took out his long blades and placed them on the wooden table by the side, then cleaned himself up and stood in the middle of the of the room next to the table and waited.


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