Black Jade
12 Chapter Twelve
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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12 Chapter Twelve

"Royal Father" the three prince's went on their knees to greet the emperor

"Arise" the emperor commanded and they stood up

"Royal Father for what reason have you asked to see us today?" Wang Chen asked getting impatient of the standing position he was in

"Wang Chen!" Wang Lei turned around to look and him and Wang Chen stuck out his tongue at him, this made the emperor to laugh

"Chen'er" the emperor spoke up "I know you're getting impatient of standing here and you don't like attending to political matters but the matter at hand concerns all of us here"

"Forgive Wang Chen royal father, he is still a little kid he knows nothing about responsibilities" Wang Lei apologized on behalf of Wang Chen

"Its okay Lei" the emperor waved his hand discarding the topic "now lets get down to why I asked you all to assemble here."

"200 years ago a monster named Shen Dai Yu had appeared in Luoyang, causing and wrecking havoc throughout the city, there was no stopping her she was too powerful then one day a Taoist monk appeared he risked himself and his life to seal her powers inside a black jade, ever since then she's been locked up in a cave in the demon forest but fess days ago she escaped"

This almost caused Wang Chen to fall to the ground, he was so terrified he couldn't believe a monster so dangerous was on the loose right now

"She might have her powers sealed off in a black jade" The emperor continued "but we better not underestimate her, she's capable of many things I've seen it once when I was a kid, she is a threat to man kind and should not be allowed to roam freely amongst the people"

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"What does royal father want us to do" Wang Heng asked getting impatient

"I want you to find her before she finds the black jade and unseal her powers and then wipe out the whole kingdom, whoever finds her first gets to be my successor"


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