Black Jade
11 Chapter Eleven
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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11 Chapter Eleven

Wang Lei arrived at the palace and met his brothers Wang Chen and Wang Heng standing outside and that confirmed his suspicion something was wrong.

"Royal brother" he faked a smile to greet Wang Heng his elder brother

"Little brother" Wang Heng turned around and faked a smile to greet him too "how've you been little brother?"

"Little brother has been doing just fine" Wang Lei replied and Wang Heng laughed

"Does royal brother happen to know why royal father has requested our presence?" Wang Lei asked and as usual Wang Heng smiled

"If little brother does not know then who am I an ordinary prince to know" he replied and silence fell upon them

Wang Heng was indicating that he was a nobody compared to Wang Lei and Wang Lei understood that properly, since they were kids they had never gotten along so well, they were of the same fathers but different mothers, Wang Heng's mother was highly favored compared to Wang Lei's mother but Wang Heng's mother had collided with an official to commit treason which led to her being executed ever since then Wang Heng had lost favor in the eyes of the emperor for the emperor feared he may do the same just like his mother and Lei and his mother had become most highly favored ever since then.

Wang Lei smiled, it was obvious he was looking for trouble and he was about to give it to him, he was never fond of him anyway

Just as Lei opened his mouth to reply Wang Chen who has been watching the whole drama since cut in "How come the both of you never get tired of this?" he asked hands on his waist "you're both older than me but I can see I'm the only matured one here"

Wang Heng raised his hand to scold him and the door opened and Eunuch He walked out

"You may now proceed to see the emperor" he gestured and Wang Chen adjusted his robe

"Hmmph" he sneered at both Lei and Heng before walking in

And Wang Heng gave Wang Lei a cold smile that meant 'I will deal with you later' before walking in.

shaking his head at both his brothers childish acts Wang Lei proceeded to walk in trailing after them.


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