Black Jade
10 Chapter Ten
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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10 Chapter Ten

Wang Lei arrived at the northern palace with the mysterious girl in his arms

"My prince let me do it" Li Hua offered seeing him come to a stop but he only smiled and continued, Li Hua might be a skilled warrior but there was no way she could carry this girl by herself, she was just a girl afterall.

Once again coming to a stop he looked at the girl in his arms, she looked dirty like she hadn't taken a bath in a while and her dark hair covered half of her face yet she looked so beautiful, scratches and wounds could be seen on her arm and the lower part of her lip was swollen, whatever this girl had gone through he had no idea but he could tell it was a lot.
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Walking inside his room he laid her on the bed

"My prince" Li Hua went to protest upon seeing him drop the girl on the bed knowing fully well that no one was allowed to sit or lay on his bed let alone walk inside his room

"Shhh" he raised his hand and she shut up, pressing her lips tight

"My prince" a voice came from outside

"Eunuch He come in" Wang Lei commanded and Eunuch He walked in with his hands placed on his stomach

"Prince Lei, the emperor demands your presence in the palace"

"Got it" Prince Lei said and Eunuch He walked out

"Li Hua!" the prince called out

"Yes my prince" Li Hua answered immediately running to him and getting on her knees

"get the imperial doctor to treat her and get the maids to prepare some new clothes for her and assist her in ,taking a bath.

"Yes Prince"

And with that he turned around and headed to the palace to know why royal father was calling him.


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