Black Jade
9 Chapter Nine
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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9 Chapter Nine

The man at the back couldn't understand what was happening, he could see the assassins dropping to the ground one after the other and he could see the rest shaking in fear looking for ways to escape.

who the hell was she and what was she doing to them.

after absorbing the energy of about five men with the rest taking to their heels Dai Yu wiped her mouth with the back of her palm and turned around

it was time for the big meal

taking little steps she spoke up "don't worry I won't rush you, I won't do you like I did to those men, I'll eat you slowly you deserve some respect I'll give it to you" she licked her lips

the man stood there looking at the girl who was walking slowly towards him saying all sort of nonsense, she was saying words he couldn't understand the parts he could make out was about eating something, was she about to eat him? wow! she might have saved him but she sure was crazy

she continued walking towards him and when she got close she raised her hands like she was going to pounce on him and he just stood there taking in her every movement, he wanted to see what see was going to do him, perhaps the same thing she did to those men?

and the minute she was going to jump on him she froze in the air like she'd been hit by something and fell down

"shit" she cursed out there was an arrow in her chest who the hell shot her

"Li Hua!" the man shouted in suprise

"yes my prince" a fragile looking girl came into view

"you were not supposed to shoot her!"

"but she-"

"she saved my life" the prince ran his hands through his hair in frustration

"I'm sorry my prince" Li Hua immediately went on her knees

so he was a prince? Dai Yu thought to herself it would've been nice if she was able to kill him, imagine the amount of pain the royal family would be in, so satisfying.

she closed her eyes as she started feeling dizzy

what was happening?

"I think there was something in the arrow" Xia jun spoke up

great so I just got poisoned, so much for having a great meal she thought then she saw two people walking up to her, one the noble man and the other no idea and the last words she heard was "take her to the palace" and she drifted into an unknown darkness.


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