Black Jade
8 Chapter Eigh
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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8 Chapter Eigh

"who are you?" the noble man asked bending and jumping to dodge every arrow that came his way "none of your business" Dai Yu replied slightly avoiding an arrow that flew past her

"not bad" she nodded her head when she was him fly up and reverse the arrows, now this guy was definitely good in martial arts, his kongfu skills were superb she would love for him to teach her, too bad he was going to die by her hands she was going to kill him after she killed the assassins she was only saving him now to kill him later.

"give me a lift" she shouted as the arrows increased

"huh?" the noble man questioned

"I mean push me!" she commanded and he nodded understanding what she meant
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dodging the last arrow that came her way she flew up and he also flew up behind her and gave her a push with his legs sending her directly to where the assassins were

grabbing one of them by their collar upon getting there she sunk her teeth in his neck exposing blood and then then absorbed his energy.

in less than five seconds his body fell to the ground she rushed to the other one and grabbed him by his collar doing the same and his body soon dropped to the ground after that.

by now the assassins were now terrified, they were sure that this girl wasn't human, she was a monster and she was going to kill them all.


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