Black Jade
7 Chapter Seven
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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7 Chapter Seven

Dai Yu positioned herself and got ready to attack but stopped when she noticed someone hiding in the bush, aiming an arrow at him.

this made dai yu angry, who dared to hurt her prey? who dared to kill him, he was hers to kill and nobody's so immediately he sent the arrow flying dai yu ran infront of the noble man and caught the arrow in the middle of her fingers, she just saved him indirectly and she didn't know it.

"that was a weak shot" she smirked and in less then one second more men emerged from the bush and raised their bows pointing their arrows at she and the noble man.

what did she just do? she face Palmed herself, she got herself into trouble and she had no energy to fight, whoever this noble man was he must have offended someone real bad for him to have this much men after him.

"Dai yu run!" Xia jun's voice brought her back to reality

"no" Dai Yu shook her head "Dai Yu never runs from a fight"

"ha!" Xia Jun laughed "you ran from a fight yesterday you know"

"that was because Dai Yu was weak and Dai yu never puts her life in danger unless its worth it" Dai Yu replied

"oh and Dai Yu is no weak right now? quit acting tough Dai Yu you barely survived from death yesterday so drop the act and lets run"

"thanks but the advice but no" dai yu replied calmly

"dai yu you can't-"

"quit nagging Xia Jun you're like a mother in law" Dai Yu shouted in frustration and everybody including the noble man looked at her in shock.

the noble man got down from his horse and continued to stare at her, wondering why she was talking to herself, was she crazy? and the fact that she appeared out of nowhere had some explaining to do.

"see the way he's looking at you dai yu let's get out of here he's not worth it" Xia Jun pleaded once more

"he would make a great meal" dai yu smiled "definitely"

"quit playing around men" one of the assassins spoke up "shoot!" he commanded and in less than a minute arrows were flying directly towards the direction of she and the noble man

"this is not good" she bit her lips


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