Black Jade
6 Chapter Six
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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6 Chapter Six

"Dai yu I can smell someone" Xia jun spoke up, dhiai yu had been walking in the forest endlessly with nowhere to go looking for a prey to hunt down and use to replenish her energy

"I know I smell them too" dai yu replied back

after taking a few steps the prey came into sight "mmh" dai yu licked her lips, he was going to be tasty she could feel it

the prey was a man and he was on horse, he looked like he was lost trying to find his way out dai yu smiled upon seeing the confused and fustrated look on his face "don't worry lad I'll make it simple for you"

the man unknown to what was about to happen to him continued moving around trying to find his way out and Dai yu took her time to examine him, she might have been locked up for 200 years but she still knew a noble man when she saw one and this man looked like a noble man, a very rich one to be exact and even though he looked familiar she shrugged off the thought it didn't matter any way there was no way she could've known him the first human she was going to kill after so many years was going to be a noble man how sweet.
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