Black Jade
5 Chapter Five
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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5 Chapter Five

Dai yu opened her eyes in the same place she had fainted, she was alive she didn't feel much pain how? she wondered

"don't worry Dai yu I saved you" Xia jun's voice brought her back

"Xia jun?" she called out in suprise

"yess" Xia jun replied calmly

"is that you, I thought you left and looked for another body to to possess"

"aiya dai yu I would never do that and moreover I can't even leave your body I'm stuck here"

"oh really?" Dai yu asked in an unconvinced tone

"uhh" Xia Jun replied

"so how did you save me if I may ask" Dai yu asked curiously

"oh its simple I transferred some of my energy to you" Xia jun replied non-chalantly

"Xia Jun!" dai yu shouted angrily "you never learn do you? transferring energy was how you got stuck in body and you still dare to do it? haven't you learnt enough lesson?"

"trust me I remember the memory is fresh in my brain and its like as if it just happened yesterday, but if I hadn't interfered something bad might have happened to you and who knows maybe if you die I might die too, we share the same body afterall so no need to get worked up I was clearly doing it for myself not you"

"I'm tired of you Xia jun" dai yu shook her head in defeat

"so am I" Xia jun replied back

"I can't wait to have you out of my body" dai yu confessed

"neither can I" Xia Jun proudly said

"play time is over dai yu" Xia jun spoke up "I might have transferred my energy to you but you're still weak and right now there's only one thing that can save you"

"I know" Dai yu nodded

the only thing that could save her right now was human hunting, many years ago she promised to never kill any human unjustly but considering what they did to her she wasn't sure she could adhere to that promise anymore, she was going to kill them all each and every one of them.

"my first human food after 200 years here I come"


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