Black Jade
3 Chapter Three
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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3 Chapter Three

"Dai yu no!" a voice spoke up

"oh" dia yu smiled "there you are xia jun and I thought you've run off to look for another body to posses"

"quit joking around dia yu there's no way I would leave you even if I wanted to, I'm stuck in your body remember?"

"I remember but there's no way I can trust you, you can decide to kill me and forcefully break out of my body even though I doubt that'll work"

"dia yu!" Xia jun shouted in frustration

"Xia jun!" dai yu shouted back

"you don't-"

"okay Xia jun stop distracting me I have to do this or we'll both get caught"

"dai yu no you can't!" Xia jun begged but it was already too late as the soldiers started surrounding her they aimed their arrows at her and were ready to fire any moment

"see Xia jun I told you we didn't have a choice"

"monster!" one of the soldiers spoke up "surrender or get killed" and dai yu laughed

"kill me" she replied fearlessly "if you can that is"
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"men! shoot!!" he commanded and all the men positioned their bows and aimed their target its now or never

one , two, go!

"arrrrrrrrrrrrrrh" dai yu's screams echoed through the forest and all the arrows froze

"dai yu please no" Xia Jun begged endlessly

"too late Xia Jun" and she took off

"after her!" the solider commanded and they went after her but it was useless, she was faster than the wind in less then a minute she had managed to get far away from them very far and none of her traces could be seen, she was gone.


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