Black Jade
2 Chapter Two
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Black Jade
Author :Ceciloray
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2 Chapter Two

Dai yu kept running as fast as she could ignoring the burning pains in her legs, it was obvious that she was using too much energy at once as if she didn't slow down she was going to collapse soon but it didn't matter she'd rather die then go back there and be locked up for another 200 years.

"monster! monster! where are you monster!?" she heard voices coming out from the woods, those must be the soldiers

"I am not a monster" she shouted back in her head

calm down dai yu don't let them get to you she took a deep breath and she was relaxed.
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she wanted nothing more then to go back there and snap their necks but she knew she couldn't afford to do that, there were about a thousand soilders after her doing that would only slow her down or worse she might end up getting caught.

"if only I had my powers" she slowed down as she came to a stop and clenched her jaws "if only I had my jade I could take them down with just a snap of my fingers but they stole it and made me a mess, they're the real monsters not me and I will get back at them" she swore but now was not the time for that as she started hearing voices and footsteps

"monster! monster!" they chanted, they were getting close

"monster! monster!" they continued chanting, too close and in no minute they would get to where she was

there was no place to hide, she was too weak to run, there was only one thing she could do.


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