Beast Queen
6 Naming Ceremony 2
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Beast Queen
Author :Evil_Woman
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6 Naming Ceremony 2

Anya picks up Katerina and takes her back to the group, and after setting her down, she picks up the male pup with pure black fur and patch of white on his chest. Anya slowly walks back to the center of the clearing and finally sets him down in front of Kader. When the male pup is finally hovering in the air and the wind element had invaded through his pores, I can tell that this naming is different from the other pups. I can tell because I can hear the faint sounds of thunder, becoming louder and louder until time goes by. And by the time the thundering sound is booming in everyone's ears, a faint trance of lightening appears on the male pups body. But just as the thundering sound starts to become unbearable, the male pup starts to float back to the ground. After a minute, with everyone staring anxiously, Kader finally opens his eyes.

"He has an extremely strong lightening element, definitely the son on the Alpha and Luna. So, he shall be named Maximus, which means greatest. Because he will be the greatest among the younger generation and when he gets older and stronger he will likely surpass the older generation." Kader says, bringing looks of awe upon the faces of the wolves all around and looks of extreme pride to the faces of Cyrus and Anya. After a minute Anya finally gets up and picks up Maximus and taking him back to the group in order to pick up the last male pup. The male pup with light brown fur flinches visibly when Anya picks him up and puts him into the center of the clearing. After the male pup started hovering in the air and is invaded with the wind element, and with nothing happening I know that nothing like what happened with Maximus will happen with this pup. After a minute the pup finally gets set back down, but what's different this time is when the pup touches the ground he passes out and Kader sighs sorrowfully.

"What's going on? What's wrong?" Anya says worriedly but stays put knowing she can't interrupt by going to the pup.

"I am afraid that this pup is weak, and he has a very dark energy surrounding him. He is the first ever Omega to be born into this pack and by an Alpha in general." Kader say, and as he does I can hear gasps of shock ring out in the large clearing, even Cyrus gasped with shock. "So, for this reason he will be named Omega."

Cyrus turns away from Omega, not bearing to look at him, while Anya goes and picks Omega up and sets him back down with the other pups. "I believe that wraps up the naming ceremony." Kader says.

"No, Elder Wolf, there is still one more." Anya says hurriedly before Kader could leave. Anya turns around, looking for me, and upon finding me, she rushes over and picks me up. She hurriedly sets me in front of Kader. I look up towards Kader as he towers over me.

"Fine, then let us begin." Kader says just as his wind element starts floating me upwards. And although I have been picked up my wind element in my last life, it takes me a minute to get used to it in this form. And as if in slow motion I see as the wind element slowly crawls over every inch of my body before entering my pores. The feeling of the wind element entering my pores is a foreign feeling, but it feels like a refreshing breeze that just blows through me. I can feel the wind element weaving through my damaged veins. After a minute the wind element starts to leave back out of my pores and I start to float back to the ground. I'm prepared, so when I touch the ground I don't stumble around like the other pups, but I do immediately sit down.

"Her meridians are damaged and she has a weak trace of light element. She shall be named after her element and her fur color, her name shall be Ivory." Kader says while opening his eyes and sighing. 'Meridians?' I think for a second before I make the connection. 'What is known as simply veins, is known as meridians. Like in Chinese acupuncture, something that I learned while I was a disciple in my old sect, the Heavenly Light Sect.' The Heavenly Light Sect had many techniques from the Ancestral Humans, it is believed that the Ancestral Humans did not cultivate and instead valued knowledge.

"Thank you, Elder Wolf Kader." Cyrus and Anya says softly, interrupting my train of thought. Anya looks towards me with worry while Cyrus looks at me with regret. With this is signifies the end of the naming ceremony and to celebrate it all of the wolves gathered begin a symphony of howls, even Cyrus, Anya, and Kader join with howls of their own. The howls resonate with happiness and sadness, happiness for the strength of the next generation and sadness for the first Omega of their pack.

"Your welcome, Alpha and Luna. Cyrus will you walk with me, I need to talk to you." Kader says, after the howls have ended, and starts to walk towards the east into the forest. Cyrus looks away from me and starts to walk after Kader, while Anya walks towards me.

"Come on, my little Ivory. It's ok, I will love all of my pups no matter if you are weak or strong, no matter is you have perfect meridians or damaged ones, and no matter if you are an Omega or not." Anya says as she looks over all of her pups. And with that we start heading west into the forest, back towards the cave. And I know that as soon as we get back to the cave I'll find the first chance to go look at what that small hole is in the back of the cave.


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