Beast Queen
5 Naming Ceremony 1
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Beast Queen
Author :Evil_Woman
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5 Naming Ceremony 1

The next morning the sun shone bright into to the cave, waking me. As I opened my eyes I could see every one already up, with the pups playing outside while Anya and Cyrus watch over them. Thinking I have time to go explore the hole from yesterday I stand up to go towards it. But just as I stand up I see the two Betas from yesterday walk out of the forest, walking towards the cave.

"Greetings, Alpha and Luna." The two Beta's say as they approach Anya and Cyrus.

"Greetings, Betas." Anya and Cyrus say as the Betas stop in front of them.

"The Elder Wolf is ready to name the young pups." The female Beta says.

"Thank you, Brina and Hector." Anya says as she stands up. Anya goes towards the other pups in order to round them, while Cyrus and the Betas, Brina and Hector, walk at ways towards the forest. Although I want to go explore the hole, I know I can't without everyone else wondering where I am. So, instead of going towards the hole, I go towards where Cyrus and the Betas are. As I approach, Cyrus and the Betas look up to what they see as a weak little pup.

"Hm, so the little trouble maker thinks she can walk with the adult wolves?" Cyrus says looking down on me.

"Maybe she will grow to be strong like her mother, Anya." Brina says looking at me too.

"Or like her father." Hector says jokingly.

"I doubt it." Cyrus says.

"But you still hope for it, though." Brina says looking towards Cyrus. He doesn't say anything and instead turns and walks off into the forest. Just as it looks like Brina wants to say something else, the pups come running with Anya trotting behind them. I quickly jump out of the way just in time to avoid being trampled on.

"It's ok my darling, stick by my side so you don't get lost." Anya says stopping next to me. The Betas start to lead the way with the pups following them and me and Anya following behind the pups. We travel through the forest for at least twenty minutes before we arrive at a clearing. In the clearing there are at least 50 wolves with Cyrus and another wolf with dark grey fur standing in the center of the clearing with the other wolves surrounding them.

"We greet you, Luna." All of the wolves say in unison as we arrive at the edge of the clearing and everyone notices us. Now that we've arrived at the clearing Anya walks in front of the pups, while Brina and Hector start to walk behind the pups. Although I know Anya said to stick by her, I know I can't because it would be like saying I'm an equal to her. And while I believe I am, the wolves don't because they see me as nothing but an unnamed weak pup. So, instead I stay where I am in the back and walk beside Brina.

"Welcome, Luna Anya. Are you ready for your pups to be named?" The grey furred wolf says as Anya stops by Cyrus' side.

"Yes, very much so Elder Wolf, Kader." Anya says. The Elder Wolf, Kader, looks towards the pups, which are all huddled up in a group, except me. Instead I sit next to Brina and Hector as we sit behind the huddled up groups of pups.

"So, these are your young pups?" Kader asks.

"Yes." Cyrus says, also looking towards the pups.

"Well then, should shall we get started?" Kader asks as he gets up and walks towards the group of huddled up pups. He walks around the group of pups a few times as everyone else looks on. Kader stops in front of the female pup with dark brown fur, the female pup who managed to be one of the first of the pups to stand up. "I shall start with this female pup." Kader says.

Anya comes forward and picks the female pup up by the scruff of her next and walks her over to set her in front of Kader, who had went back to the center of the clearing beside Cyrus. After setting the female pup in front of Kader Anya goes to sit next to Cyrus. Just as Anya sits down an invisble power emmitates from Kader and flys towards the female pup, making the pup hover in the air a little ways above Kaders head. 'Wind element' I think as I look onto the seemingly invisble power. The wind element starts to invade the female pup through her pores. After a few minutes the wind element finally starts to set the female pup back down on the ground. When the female pup touches the ground, she starts to wobble around for a second before steading herself and sitting down roughly on her tail.

"She is indeed worthy of being the daughter of the Alpha and Luna. She has a very strong fire element. So, her name shall be Athena, named after the human Goddess of Wisdom." Kader says as he retracts his wind element. As I look upon Cyrus and Anya I can see Cyrus looking at Athena with a hint of pride and Anya looks upon Athena beaming with love and pride. "Shall we move on to the next female pup." Kader says after a minute.

Anya goes to Athena and picks her up taking her back to the group of pups, setting her down. Anya then picks up one of the female pups with reddish brown fur, taking her and setting her in the same spot that Athena had been set in the beginning. After Anya finally sat back down beside Cyrus, Kader went the same process as he went through with Athena, And when the female pup was sat on ground instead of being able to steady herself, she instead flops right down on her stomach. "She has a strong wind element and a beautiful soul, so she shall be named Belle, which means beauty." Kader says.

After a minute, with Cyrus and Anya having the same reaction they did when Athena was named, Anya picks up Belle and trades her for the other reddish brown female pup. Kader goes through the same process with this female pup, with the pup having the same reaction as Belle when she gets set down. "Although her element is not strong, her element is rare and extremely pure. Her element is light, so she shall be named Katerina, which means pure." Kader says. "I believe we should start naming the male pups, then."


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