Beast Queen
2 Reborn
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Beast Queen
Author :Evil_Woman
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2 Reborn

From the moment I open my eyes I can tell that I was definitely not reborn as a human. The moment I open my eyes I can see a big light brown wolf staring at me with it's intelligent grey eyes and another much bigger black wolf staring with highly intelligent, bright yellow eyes at five other wolf pups, who are attempting to stand up and walk but are failing miserably, . Noticing that I have finally opened my eyes the light brown wolf gets up off the ground where it was laying down and slowly walks towards me. "Hello my sweet child. I am Anya, your mother and Luna. And that stern looking wolf over there is your father and your Alpha, Cyrus." The wolf, Anya, said as she sat down in front of me. I understand that although I want to show my intelligence by talking back to her, I can't, because I remember from my past life that all beast children do not have a high intelligence or strength when they are born. It is not until they reach the first stage of the Human realm that they have high strength and intelligence. But in order to even think about reaching the first stage, one must first consume a cultivation herb, for humans its extremely easy to obtain but for animal its a lot harder.

So, instead of trying to reply to her I look towards the other five wolf pups. Out of the five only two have managed to stand up without falling over. Out of the two the biggest, obviously a male, is completely black except a tuft of white fur right on his chest, the second, a female, has completely dark brown fur. And out of other three wolf pups left, only one is male, the male has light brown fur while the two female pups have reddish brown fur. Seeing the differences between the pups makes me wonder what I look like, but unfortunately I can't do that until I can walk. And at that thought I start to get up from where I am laying down, but as I do I start to wobble until I fall down. 'This is harder than I thought it would be' I think to myself. The difference between being a human and being a wolf is more than I thought and its a lot more difficult to control a wolf body than controlling a human body.

After trying a few dozen more times I finally manage to stand up, but by the time I do the other five pups are already running around and playing with each other. When I finally manage to stand up Cyrus finally notices me and when he does he slowly walks towards me. As he gets closer to me he seems to tower over me. "You have only finally managed to stand? You are the weakest of my pups, so until you can become strong enough I will not see you as my pup." With that Cyrus turns around to go back towards the other five pups. ' Wow, he's ruthless' I think.

"Ignore him, he's just worried about you. He wants all his pups, including you, to get stronger, strong enough to protect yourselves." Anya said kindly before she lays down to go to sleep. Instead of looking towards the pups or Cyrus, I decide to look at my surroundings. Right now we are in a big cave with me and Anya near the back, while Cyrus and the five pups are near the entrance. The entrance leads to a dark forest filled with greenery, with the sun shining over it making the forest appear brighter. After finally looking at my surroundings I focus in trying to walk and then run.

I spent the next few hours getting used to my new body. By the time I've finally gotten used to my body it's dark outside, Anya and the five pups are sleeping in the back of the cave and Cyrus is laying down at the entrance of the cave. I know that although I am tempted to go exploring, to know every inch of this forest that I'm living in, I can't because Cyrus is keeping an eye out and he would stop me from trying. So, with that thought I find a spot fairly close to the entrance of the cave opposite to where Cyrus is laying. 'I can't wait to explore the forest tomorrow' I think as I fall asleep.


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