Beast Queen
1 Prologue
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Beast Queen
Author :Evil_Woman
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1 Prologue

The Elders stood towering over me as I kneeled on the stone floor of the Elders Hall soaked in blood from the multiple wounds inflicted on me by the Elders. "You disgraced our Sect, Ivory Star, with your evil cultivation techniques. And for your evil ways you will be sentenced to death, cursed to never be reborn under the light of the gods." The Head Elder said angrily.

"It was a simple technique that harnesses the power of the dark, of the shadows! I am still true to the ways of the Light, of the Gods!" I yelled back.

"No, you are not, and for that you must die." The Head Elder said calmly, while two of the other Elders moved towards me as they drew their swords.

"Die!" They yelled has they brought the swords onto my neck. The pain of my head being separated from my body lasted for only a second before my vision went black. My soul drifted into a void of nothingness for what seemed like years, but was probably only a minute, before I began to see specks of light. Looking closer to these specks of light I could see what must be different worlds living inside them.

"Oh, what have we here? A little lost soul wandering my domain of 'A Thousand Worlds'. What do you want, little lost soul?" A booming man's voice echoes from deep within this man's 'domain'.

"I want to be reborn so I can be stronger in that life than I was in my last, so I won't die so easily, so I can kill all those who would harm me or those I care about, and I can rule over everyone." I said back confidently. Suddenly a man with pure white hair and bright red eyes appears out of what seems like nowhere, but as I looked closer the shadows seemed to have parted to allow this man to appear in front of me.

"Oh, such a confident little lost soul! And what if I just destroyed your soul instead, never to be reborn again?" The man said.

"So what?! I have already been killed and cursed to never to be reborn again by those I thought I could trust!" I yelled back. After I said that the man looked somewhat suprised.

"Really? But what would I gain from allowing you to be reborn?" the man asked.

"What do you want?" I asked in return.

"Hm, What do I want? I want you to become powerful, to rule everyone but under my name. My name will be known throughout that world as the man who made it possible for you to rule." The man said.

"Fine, but I must know what your name is." I said agreeing to what he wants.

"You can call me Shadow. So, I've told you my name why don't you tell me yours." The man, Shadow, said.

"My name is Ivory Star." I said.

"Oh, then in you will now be known as Ivory Shadow." He said. As he finished saying that one of the many specks of light slowly came closer. "This is the world you shall be reborn into, the one you shall rule under my name. I do not know who or what you will be reborn as but at the very least you are being reborn." He said. Just as I was getting ready to thank him the speck of light seems to suck my soul into to it. And with Shadow's echoing good bye the world is covered in a bright light before it goes completely black.


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