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8 Kushina arrives
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Assassins Creed System
Author :R33C3
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8 Kushina arrives

Standing at the gate awaiting the arrival of Uzamaki Kushina who is also bringing along four jounin bodyguards who will leave back for Uzushiogakure once they have successfully delivered her. Making small talk with Minato about what we will be doing for my birthday as in a few weeks I will be turning 9. Although it was a bit difficult to uphold my promise to myself to only ask Anko out once I graduated to become a Genin, I am managing to hold on and have told her that once I have graduated to become a Genin I will do so. I had to explain at that time that I was using her as motivation to become stronger faster. At first she was a bit doubtful however she eventually caved and gave me a sweet smile and told me that she would wait, but not for too long.

Currently Minato and I were planning to book Yakiniku Q and invite all our friends for a party. Minato has permission from the hokage to relax for week of my birthday as we both compained that we don't want him to be tired out and end up napping at my party instead of socialising with the younger generation which included the young heirs of some clans like the Nara, Sarutobi, Uchiha, Hyuga, Inuzuka, Yamanaka and the Akimichi clan. This reason alone especially convince the hokage as he knows that Minato would need the support of the clans in the future and what better way than to socialise while they were still young and become friends.

Finishing our talk as we can sense a group of five approaching, who we assume are the Uzushiogakure nin. Looking straight on I see a girl our age with fiery red hair, the signature mark of the Uzamaki clan, surrounded by three men and a woman who continue to keep their guard up as they approach the gates as although Konoha are allies who knows if there is a spy that would attack their group to establish a gap in the alliance between them which would be disatrous for Uzushiogakure considering that although they are great when it comes to fuinjutsu they are considerably weaker when it comes to other aspects of being a ninja.

The four Jounin only let their guard down after they had made it past the gates of Konoha. Nudging Minato to greet them as to establish that he was in charge right now.

"Welcome to Konoha, ninja of Uzushiogakure. My sensei has sent me to bring you to the hokage tower to meet with him."

At first the jounin were going to make a comment about why the hokage had the nerves to not receive the princess of Uzushiogakure however once they heard that Minato was the hokage's apprentice they shut up quickly as they knew what being the hokage's apprentice means. Although the hokage himself has had a team of three genin before none have shown the drive to become hokage. One of them is a medic and is only concerned with gambling and alcohol, another is nothing but a perverted toad but nonetheless he is a talented perverted toad and then there was that weird snake guy who gave you the chills if he looked at you.

Looking past the four ninja to Kushina Minato went into a slight daze before collecting himself and then ushers for them to come with us. While walking I occupy the jounin as I could tell that Minato really wanted to talk to her however he would always be intercepted by the jounin because Kushina would always hide behind them as she was quite shy as she was in a new environment away from her home which was understandable as not only was she forced to come here away from her home she will also be forced to house a 'demon fox'.

Although she was a bit shy and quiet at the beginning she quickly got into conversing with Minato as he was quite the talker by first asking about her home and what it was like and then leading her onto different topics. I could already see a fine hokage in the making as not only could he smoothly lead a conversation but he could also bring people out of their shell.

Reaching the hokage tower we all go to the receptionist and tell her that the Uzushiogakure party is here to meet with the hokage. Nodding at us she informs the hokage and then tells us to go on up.

Walking into the hokage's office everyone arrives before the desk as the hokage watches us make our way. Now at the desk everyone but me kneels in the formal posture, again, I only put my head down in respect to his strength. Sighing to himself the hokage then give everyone permission to rise. Currently the Uzuahiogakure party are extremely shocked and are currently experiencing an inner turmoil as not only did I not kneel and not show the proper formalities when greeting the hokage but the hokage himself didn't say anything about it which meant that I either had a formidable enough background to scare off the hokage or I myself was powerful enough to ward the hokage from saying anything which scared them out of their mind considering my age.

Collecting themselves they then begin listening in to what the hokage had to say which was nothing much, I in fact found it quite boring as I fought back the urge to yawn. The speech went somehting along the lines of that there was no need to worry about Kushina as she will be treated well even after she becomes the jinchuriki of the kyuubi.

Although it was like a mandatory speech, the hokage made it seem as if he would actually follow through on his words which made the jounin from Uzushiogakure relieved as they didn't want their princes to get hurt as she was talented and from the royal line which would have put her as a likely successor of the current Uzushiokage.

Finished with his speech he tells the ninja that he will show them to the gates whilst me and Minato will show Kushina to her new residence. Her new residence is actually not that far from mine or Minato's place. I think Minato was actually quite jealous of me at the moment as she was closer to my apartment than his compound, I don't know what he thinks will happen considering that he knows how I feel for Anko. I certainly won't be meeting her more than Minato considering that I will be leaving all that to 'Prince Charming' Minato.

When I found out that he got such a name from the girls of our class I teased him for weeks on end before I called it quits however Minato quickly got his revenge as he managed to find out what the girls called me. The 'Ice Prince'. I garnered that title from the fact that I treat every girl fairly cold except from Anko and Kurenai, more so Anko than Kurenai.

Seperating from Kushina, Minato and I then walk to his compound where we have a talk about Kushina.

"So, what did you think about her?" I asked keenly as I stared at Minato waiting for the answer I knew was coming.

"I think she will make a fine kunoichi in the future" Minato answered as he knew he would regret it if he told me he was interested in her.

"C'mon we both know there is something more, don't think that I didn't notice that twinkle in your eye when you saw her or the jealousy that was spitting out of your eyes when you realised that she was living closer to me than you" I quickly spout out leaving him no space to retreat as although I knew he liked her it would be different if I was to hear it from his mouth.

Staring at me for a while back he sighs then tells me what he truly thinks of her. "Fine but you are not to tell anyone, especially her, got it" He stared me down as he finished that sentence, in reply I just quickly nodded so he could continue.

"I don't know if it is love but I felt entrnaced after I saw her whehter it be her face, hair or just her eyes. They all captivate me drowning me deeper into the feelings that I am having for her." Finishing that he then quickly runs into his compound with a flushed face as we had just arrived as he had finsished.

Laughing at his flushed face I yell at him, "DON'T WORRY YOU CAN HAVE HER ALL TO YOURSELF!!"

After that countless head flew to my direction as I was in the street just outside of the compound, roughly two seconds later I could hear a distinct shout telling me to shut up. Laughing even more I walk away as people look at me as if seeing a mentally deranged person.

Shrugging it off I decide to go and see Anko by tracking her through the seal I put on the earrings I gave her for her birthday last year. The gift is a pair of purple lotus' earrings which have a seal on them which is very small and nearly invisible unless someone concentrates hard. It was after this that everything between me and Anko really progressed as she kissed me on the cheek and then ran away with a flushed face while everyone laughed as we were at the training gorunds like usual with everyone giving their gifts. The seals also have a hidden function of teleportation which I adapted from the hiraishin, it willl teleport her to me, in times of danger (whether she knew of the danger or not) as long as enough chakra is put into the seal. Currently I have charged enough chakra to make sure that even if she was at the other end of the elemental nations, twice over, she would be able to come back to me.

I spent the rest of the day with Anko at the orphanage helping some of the kids read and write or help some of the kids with chakra meditation. Although I would give them tips about chakra and jutsu I never told them about condensing their chakra as the hokage had officially put it as a skill that was only available to those selected by him which meant that Danzo couldn't use it to his benefit as I had already subtly warned him of Danzo's aspirations and also about letting the civilians have too much power in the council. Luckily he hadn't lost too much of his edge yet so he had actually listened to my advice.

Hugging Anko I then get ready to leave however before I could get far she suddenly pulled me back and then kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a full make-out session or anything, it was just Anko and I connecting our lips together. After a while I seperate from her and tell her that I will still wait to officially ask her out although we are technically together as I doubt she would just kiss anyone. Before she could pout I console her by quickly hugging her while stroking her back. Letting go for the second time I was able to leave as Anko was still relishing in the gentle hug she was just given. Nothing happened on the way back to the house and I just did the usual before going back to sleep.


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