Arcane Shield
10 The Grand Angel, Crayne
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Arcane Shield
Author :redsythe_201
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10 The Grand Angel, Crayne

Balls of fire rained down around him. He heard three things land near him. He was alone, in the middle of the day, with three figures clearly keen on attacking him, "Simeon, old friend," A mocking voice came from the man in the middle, "Long time no see," He laughed, "But now, I really want to end this, after what you did to Julian."

"Hello Crayne, oh how I didn't want to see you today."

"Not ready to duel?"

"Is 3 on 1 a duel for you?"

"Oh them?" He laughed as the two figure disappeared, "They aren't important right, now," Spells lit up around his body, "Celestial Tome, Arcane Protection," Armor formed around him, replacing his magic wings and helmet, "Today, I end it," He leapt at Simeon, who hadn't activated his magic yet. He dived out of the way and pulled out his phone quickly and called Julia, without saying anything. It slid out of his hand as the bottom of Crayne's foot slammed into Simeon's stomach, launching him back, "Use your magic, you invincible man, show me that power you once had."

"In your dreams."

"Then I'll force you to use it," He leapt at Simeon again, tackling him to the ground and then rolling and standing up, "I won't kill you until you use that magic I want to defeat," Simeon slowly got up and laughed, "What are you laughing about?"

"My magic is gone, I can't use that magic anymore."

"What do you mean, gone?"

"Exactly what that word means, but I have, something else," A figure slammed into Crayne, "I have people who care for me," Mr. Smith stood in the same armor as Crayne, "Thanks, Mr. Smith."

"Don't worry, I'll deal with him, I know this guy like the back of my hand."

"Simeon, are you okay?" He saw Julia was there as well, "You need to get out of here."

"He isn't going anywhere," Crayne shouted as he got up, "Celestial Tome, Destroyer of Worlds!" His body began mutating and his armor was absorbed into his body. He stood nearly twice as tall as Mr. Smith and had three horns on his head and golden wings behind him, "I will crush you then I'll get him to use his magic!" His voice bellowed through the air. He swatted Mr. Smith to the side, sending him breaking through a tree and a street lamp, shattering probably all three. He turned his focus to Julia before lunging a massive strike towards her. She dodged it and a group of arrows appeared above him and struck him in multiple places, but most of them simply bounced off of his new body. He stomped on the ground and a pillar of stone hurled Julia into the air. Simeon dived and she landed in his arms.

"Simeon, run, I'll hold him here."

"No, you can't fight him alone."

"Don't you dare use your magic," Crayne slowly moved towards them as a ball of energy formed in his hand, "He won't kill you but he will try to kill me, I can protect myself, Air Tome, Reflecting Winds!" She stood up and tried to stop the ball of energy, but it broke through and continued towards her, "Air Tome, Supreme Guardian!" A massive angel appeared and grabbed the spell, reducing the size of the ball but all it did was consume the angel and continue. She had nothing left. She anticipated the hit but nothing hit her as a massive explosion happened in front of her. She opened her eyes to see Simeon with his amulet broken on the floor. He had a large staff in his right hand and his body was covered in green and blue markings, "Simeon! No!"

"Run, I'll deal with him, Supreme Tome, Arcane Prison," Two rings formed above and below Crayne and straight beams connected them, "Supreme Tome, Arcane Crush," The prison shrank before blocking him and then detonating, causing a massive cloud of smoke. Julia began backing off but staying close to the fight, "I said leave, Julia, let me handle this."

"No, I can't."

"Yes, you can, if you are here you aren't safe, he will kill you."

"I can't leave you."

"I'll live, I promise, when have I let you down?"

"Never," She ran towards Mr. Smith and helped him up, "Don't let me down!" Simeon turned back to Crayne who had emerged from the cloud of smoke, bearing a massive grin on his face. He had massive burn marks on his body but nothing seemed to affect him. He created a massive spell and fired it, only for Simeon to cancel it with a touch of his staff. Crayne smiled and rushed towards Simeon. He lifted his arm and brought it down to strike Simeon. The fist stopped instantly as a single of Simeon's fingers touched it. He looked at his fist and swung with his tail to try to reach Simeon. The swipe went below Simeon as he leapt at Crayne and slammed his knee under his knee. He let himself fall and slammed his feet onto Crayne's chest before dodging another punch.

"How are you this strong?"

"I just am, Crayne, my body isn't the same, my mind isn't the same, and revenge fuels my magic, and this is the closest I can get to my perfect arcane use, and I'll use it on you," He smiled as his staff vanished and a spell began forming in front of him, "I don't even need to kill you," He felt his heartbeat increase and his body began feeling weak, "I am not a killer."

"I need magic, arcane presence," The voice spoke to Simeon again, "Kill him..."

"I am not a killer," Simeon repeated as a massive spell had formed above him, resting on his index finger, "I am NOT A KILLER! Supreme Tome, Death of Magic!" The spell slammed into the floor and a massive detonation was created, ripping the leaves from the trees then their roots from the ground. The grass dried out and the street lamps crumpled like weak pieces of paper. Simeon was unaffected by the shockwave. Glass of the few buildings in the park shattered as the tiles lifted from the rooves. Crayne dug his claws into the floor the resist the blast, "You won't die completely, you will only partially die."

After the detonation ended, the park seemed as if a tornado had just passed through it. Julia entered the park as defense mages arrived. All she could see were uprooted, barren trees, broken buildings, an empty pond with fish flopping at the bottom of it among the broken pieces of wood of the bridge that used to pass over the pond. The street lamps were bent over and the glass shattered on the floor, nothing was standing anywhere near the epicenter of Simeon's spell, "Simeon! Are you there!? Where are you?" She looked around, no sign of either Crayne or Simeon, "Simeon?"

Simeon snapped his fingers and Crayne woke up. He looked at him with an emotionless face, "Welcome to the Abyss of Magic, Crayne."

"What on earth? Where are we?" He said looking around the disorienting, shaking, multi-colored world, "Oh god, this is painful to see."

"Now, we really fight, on equal power."

"Bring it on then," He said getting up and gesturing Simeon to attack. A portal opened next to Simeon, who punched into it and landed it on Crayne's back. Crayne ran towards Simeon but hit an invisible wall. He slammed a marking covered fist into the wall trying to break it, but the magic spell only detonated and died down.

"This is my world, Crayne," Simeon said as three portals opened around then, "You see?" He leaned in one and two of him appeared, "I control things here."

"Kill me already," Crayne said falling to his knees and clutching his head, "I can't take this, too much," His head hit the floor as the environment began making his brain go crazy, "Kill me!"

"No, I will only do this," He appeared behind Crayne and his right arm seemed to faded into a frame of his arm and then plunged into Crayne's back. He roared in pain but couldn't fight back. Simeon ripped out a frame heart from his back and then his hand returned to normal and Crayne's body became human once more, "Now we return to our world, Crayne," Simeon crushed the heart and the bits faded into nothingness.

"What did you do?"

"Killed your magic, you are only human now, but you have a chance to live, I don't need to kill you," He smiled and held out his hand to Crayne, "I am not a killer, and revenge, doesn't always mean the same thing done in return, but this is my revenge," Crayne grabbed his hand and then passed out as the world began changing again.

Julia was on her knees crying as she found Simeon's amulet but nothing else of him. Ms. Olivia was next to her, "He only wanted to save you, Julia, it is sad for me too."

"He promised, he let me down, he has never let me down."

"He couldn't do anything this time."

"But he promised, and he made it sound like his could," A defense mage ran towards them.

"Move away from here, a large magic presence has reappeared here, we don't know what it is, I need you to move back away from us," He escorted them out of the park as several mages surrounded where Crayne and Simeon had fought. Julia looked back as two figures fizzed into reality.

"Simeon?" She saw Simeon standing with Crayne down in front of him, "Simeon!" He turned his head towards her, confirming who he was. She barged passed the mage who tried to stop her but was blocked by a hand through a portal. Julia pushed passed the other mages as Simeon walked towards her. He caught her in his arms and hugged her, "Simeon, don't ever make me worry like that ever again, never again."

"Have I ever let you down?"

"Never," She said pushing herself tightly against him, "How did you beat him?"

"I brought him into my world, the abyss of magic," Two defense mages moved towards him, "You two, Officer Carl and Gabriel, I am not the criminal here, but Crayne, the leader of the Arcane Angels is, deal with him instead of me," He smiled at them and they did as he said, "I told you to leave."

"I did, until the large explosion, as you can see, you ruined the park."

"Well, everything has some magic, and my spell drains that."

"Simeon, are you okay? How do you feel?" Ms. Olivia ran towards him as a group of paramedics followed her, "You need to go to a hospital."

"Can I go with him?" Julia asked.

"I think you can, but let him be alone for a little, I'll bring you there."

Ms. Olivia was sitting next to Simeon's bed as his body condition returned to normal. Julia sat quietly on the other side of the bed, "Ms. Olivia, have you ever heard of the Abyss of Magic?"

"Yes, but that is a myth, no one can find or prove it."

"I can."

"Um, what? I don't get you."

"My voice, I know who it is, and also where it comes from."

"Mhm, continue."

"The voice is Hugo Ventori, the Overflow mage that perished, consumed by his magic, and I can go to the Abyss of Magic."

"Are you sure?"

"Ask Crayne, he can confirm it."

"How is it down there?"

"Hard to explain, I need more time to think about it, can you leave me with Julia for a little? She is clearly dying to talk to me."

"Yes, of course, I'll be just outside."

After Ms. Olivia left the room, he turned to Julia, "How are you today, Julia?"

"Better now, you really scared me, I thought you killed yourself with that spell," She slowly moved and held his hand, "I thought that your pain tome would kill you if you used it."

"I took Hugo's tome, the supreme tome, that magic can't kill me," He gestured for her to move closer to him, "Can I kiss you?"

"Why does it sound like you are saying that for the last time?"

"I don't know, but it probably isn't."

"I love you, Simeon."

"So do I, Julia," She moved down towards him and their lips touched.


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